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Ford Unleashes Speed Demons in Work Clothes: MS-RT Series Turns Transit and Ranger into Racetrack Royalty

DUNTON, UK, Feb. 13, 2024 – In a bold move that blurs the lines between the racetrack and the worksite, Ford Pro today unveiled its latest adrenaline-pumping lineup: the all-new Transit Custom MS-RT and Ranger MS-RT. This duo of commercial speedsters is set to deliver a unique blend of eye-watering aesthetics and jaw-dropping performance to Europe’s streets and highways.

Crafted through a high-octane partnership between Ford and MS-RT, a motorsport maverick spun out of Ford’s rally crony M-Sport, these vehicles promise to turn every delivery into a victory lap. The collaboration infuses these commercial chariots with a dramatic flair and a driving experience that’s as thrilling as it is productive.

The Transit Custom MS-RT revs up the traditional Transit, adding a sporty edge with its bold, motorsport-inspired design, including an electric E-Transit Custom version that boasts an uprated 210 kW power output. Meanwhile, the Ranger MS-RT transforms into the ultimate street truck, flexing its muscles with beefed-up bodywork, a lower stance, and massive 21-inch alloy wheels.

With customer deliveries set to start in mid-2024, these models are now ready to order from Ford Pro dealers across Europe. Hans Schep, General Manager at Ford Pro Europe, expressed excitement over adding these high-performance models to their lineup, offering customers a work vehicle that doubles as a statement piece.

The E-Transit Custom MS-RT, dubbed the “ultimate van,” and the V6 diesel-powered Ranger MS-RT, the “ultimate street truck,” are not just about looks. They’re fully connected, integrated with Ford Pro’s suite of software and services to help businesses maximize productivity and minimize ownership costs.

Both models boast enhancements that promise an exhilarating drive without compromising on the workhorse fundamentals. The Transit Custom MS-RT, with its range of powertrains including diesel, plug-in hybrid, and full electric, offers up to 6.8 m^3 of load space and a 1,124 kg net payload. On the flip side, the Ranger MS-RT, with its robust 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine, maintains a 1-tonne load capacity and a towing capability of 3,500 kg.

Interior-wise, both models sport ergonomic seats clad in eco-friendly materials, accented with MS-RT logos and blue stitching, ensuring comfort matches style. The vehicles come in striking MS-RT signature colors, complete with gloss black accents and painted brake calipers for an extra dash of flair.

As Ford Pro gears up to make these models available through its dealers across Europe, the dedicated MS-RT facility on the Ford Dagenham Estate in the UK is bustling with activity. Here, the final assembly and finishing touches are applied, ensuring each vehicle is as stunning in performance as it is in appearance. This marks a new chapter for MS-RT, leveraging its motorsport heritage to bring unparalleled excitement to the commercial vehicle sector.

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