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Air Center Helicopters Bets Big on Airbus Bling: Signs Deluxe Service Deal for High-Flying H225 Squad

Anaheim, CA – In a move that screams “sky’s the limit,” Air Center Helicopters, Inc (ACHI) has just turbocharged their commitment to keeping their fleet of 18 H225 helicopters in tip-top shape. They’ve inked a deal with Airbus for the HCare In-Service package, ensuring these birds fly high and mighty for the next five years, starting 28 February 2024.

ACHI, known for their globe-trotting adventures, leverages the H225s for just about anything you can think of that involves daring do’s in the air. From whisking people off in expeditionary airlifts to swooping in for search and rescue missions, and even playing heroes in disaster relief – if it’s bold and airborne, ACHI is on it.

Romain Trapp, the bigwig EVP of Customer Support and Services at Airbus Helicopters, couldn’t hide his enthusiasm. “We’re over the moon to be ACHI’s wingman on their critical missions. They’ve given our HCare support a big thumbs up by upgrading their deal, and we’re all in to keep them soaring smoothly,” he said.

The deal is sweetened with a ‘tip to tail’ component replacement buffet, charged at a fixed rate per flight hour. Translation: less time on the ground for the helicopters and more predictable maintenance bills for ACHI. Previously, ACHI had a parts-by-the-hour arrangement for 10 of its whirlybirds with Airbus, but now, it’s going all in.

The H225 isn’t just any helicopter. Part of the Super Puma family, it’s a beast that laughs in the face of tough conditions, boasting impressive range and cargo-carrying brawn. Plus, its high-tech avionics and autopilot systems make flying safer and less of a headache for pilots.

HCare isn’t just a support package; it’s Airbus Helicopters’ pledge to deliver top-notch service across the board, from spare parts to major overhauls, and everything in between. With this shiny new contract, ACHI’s fleet is set to enjoy unparalleled support, ensuring that when it comes to their missions, the sky truly is the only limit.

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