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Mumbai Motor Marvel: Volkswagen Polo GTI with Supercharged Upgrades Hits the Market for a Steal!

In the bustling streets of Mumbai, a gem of automotive excellence has emerged for sale, sparking interest and amusement among car enthusiasts and bargain hunters alike. A 2017 Volkswagen Polo GTI, famed for its agility and power, is now up for grabs at an astonishing price of INR 22 lakh, a deal that’s causing quite the buzz in the city’s car circles.

WB02 registered two-door powerhouse isn’t just any Polo GTI; it’s a fully loaded, first-owner marvel that has been meticulously maintained to stay in pristine, scratchless condition, boasting a mere 45,000 km on the odometer. With its spotless interiors and original paint gleaming as if fresh off the assembly line, this car is a testament to the love and care it has received.

But wait, there’s more! This Polo GTI has been tastefully enhanced with a plethora of after-market fittings, transforming it into a street-legal rocket. From the roaring Magna flow full system to the performance-boosting Stage 2 remap by Venom, this car screams power and performance. The carbon fiber hood and steering wheel, 18-inch aftermarket rims, stylish tail lamps, and a sports diffuser add not just to its aesthetic appeal but also to its aerodynamic prowess.

Despite its beastly modifications, the car maintains its impeccable mechanical health, free of malfunctions or error codes, making it as reliable as it is thrilling. Launched in India back in 2016 and discontinued in 2018, the Polo GTI has carved a niche for itself among performance car enthusiasts, especially for those who value a perfect blend of power, comfort, and safety. With its 3rd Generation EA888 1.8L TSI engine, brilliant brakes, superb handling, and an array of high-end features, this car promises an exhilarating driving experience without compromising on comfort or safety.

However, it’s not all about the adrenaline rush. This car is as practical as it is fun, equipped with comfortable seats, LED headlights for clear night-time driving, a smooth-shifting 7-speed DSG transmission, and a fuel economy that doesn’t break the bank. It’s the daily driver’s dream for office commutes, errand runs, or just about any journey that could use a dash of excitement.

On the flip side, the absence of Android Auto, a space saver instead of a full-size spare tire, and the potential challenges in spare part availability and DSG reliability are points to ponder for the prospective buyer. Nonetheless, at its heart-stopping asking price and with its host of desirable features, this Volkswagen Polo GTI is a steal for those looking to add a touch of excitement to their daily drive or to own a piece of Volkswagen’s illustrious GTI lineage.

As it stands, this nearly new Polo GTI presents a unique opportunity for Mumbai’s auto aficionados to drive home a car that’s as close to new as it gets, with a twist of custom flair and at a price that’s hard to beat. Will this motor marvel find a new garage to call home? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a joyride.

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