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Alpine F1 Team Unveils Its Latest Racing Marvel: The A524 – A Dash of Pink in a World of Speed

In a blend of high-speed engineering and artistic flair, the BWT Alpine F1 Team is all set to dazzle the Formula 1 circuits in the 2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship with its latest creation, the A524. The team, donning a spirit of innovation and French flair with drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly at the helm for a second consecutive year, has unveiled a car that not only promises competitive edge but also turns heads with its design.

The A524, conceived under the guidance of Team Principal Bruno Famin and the genius of Technical Directors Matt Harman and Eric Meignan, signals a bold departure from its predecessors. It’s a fresh canvas painted with lessons learned from the past, sporting innovative solutions aimed at propelling the team through the next two seasons. This approach is a prelude to a major technical regulation overhaul, setting the stage for Alpine’s ambitious blueprint for success.

In a fashion-forward move, the team’s partnership with contemporary artist Felipe Pantone has resulted in a livery that’s as dynamic on the track as it is in aesthetics. The car’s design, primarily in sleek black, is accented with Alpine’s signature blue and BWT’s iconic pink, making it a visual spectacle. The twist? The livery will flip to a pink-dominated palette for eight races, ensuring the A524 stands out in every sense.

The team faces a grueling 24-race calendar that spans 11 months and five continents, starting in Bahrain and concluding in Abu Dhabi. This marathon includes a much-anticipated return to Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix, marking its first appearance since 2019. Behind this relentless pursuit of excellence is the unwavering support from the Renault Group and CEO Luca De Meo, underlining Formula 1’s pivotal role in the “Renaultlution” strategy.

Alpine’s storied legacy in motorsports, dating back to its inception in 1955, continues to thrive. From dominating the rally stages in the early ’70s to clinching the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1978, Alpine has been synonymous with racing excellence. This legacy is extended with the A524, which not only embodies Alpine’s racing DNA but also its commitment to innovation and performance.

Technical Director Matt Harman, with his rich background in powertrain and vehicle engineering, emphasizes the A524’s radical departure from its predecessor, the A523. The team has overhauled the car from chassis to aerodynamics, aiming for a wider performance window and more robust development opportunities. The car’s aggressive design philosophy, focused on aerodynamic freedom and thermal efficiency, sets a new benchmark for the team’s technical ambitions.

As the Alpine F1 Team gears up for the 2024 season with the A524, it’s not just about the quest for podiums but also making a statement. With a car that’s as fast as it is visually stunning, Alpine is ready to paint the F1 circuits in its unique colors, proving that in the world of Formula 1, speed and style are not mutually exclusive.

Displacement- 1.6L V6
Number of cylinders- 6
Rev limit- 15,000rpm
Pressure charging- Single turbocharger, unlimited boost pressure
(typical 5 bar abs)
Fuel flow limit- 100kg/h
Permitted fuel quantity per race- Max 110kg
Configuration- 90° V6
Bore- 80mm
Stroke- 53mm
Crank height- 90mm
Number of valves- 4 per cylinder, 24
Fuel- Direct fuel injection
Energy Recovery Systems
MGU-K rpm- Max 50,000rpm
MGU-K power- Max 120kW
Energy recovered by MGU-K- Max 2 MJ/lap
Energy released by MGU-K- Max 4 MJ/lap
MGU-H rpm- >100,000rpm
Energy recovered by MGU-H- Unlimited
Weight Min- 150kg
Number of Power Units permitted per driver in 2020- 3 ICE/Turbo/MGUH/MGU-K and 2 ES/CU
8 sets of engine exhausts
Total horsepower- More than 950hp

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