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Thales Air Data Solution: Giving Eve Air Mobility’s eVTOLs a Data-Driven ‘Smooth Takeoff

In a surprising twist in the world of futuristic electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, Thales air data solutions are set to take Eve Air Mobility’s flying endeavors to new heights. This partnership is getting ready to put the “smooth” in smooth and safe flight.

In a move that’s nothing short of electrifying, Eve Air Mobility has chosen Thales’ air data solution to equip its fleet of eVTOL aircraft. These flying wonders are all set to soar through the skies, thanks to Thales’ expertise in delivering high-quality airspeed, airflow, and altitude data.

This isn’t your average air data solution; it’s been meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of eVTOLs. With more than two decades of experience and millions of flight hours under its belt, Thales knows a thing or two about keeping aircraft flying safely.

Eve Air Mobility has a grand vision for the future, with their all-electric urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft aiming to combat traffic congestion while reducing environmental harm. They’ve already got over 2,800 potential buyers lining up for a taste of the future.

Thales, equally committed to protecting the environment and innovation, is thrilled to be part of Eve’s journey to cleaner skies. This collaboration showcases Thales’ technological prowess in the emerging UAM market and highlights the value of their product range.

Imagine an aircraft powered by eight lift rotors and one push propeller, complete with fixed wings. It demands a top-notch air data solution to handle both low-speed vertical flights and high-speed cruises. Enter Thales with their MEMS sensors and cutting-edge technology.

With over 50,000 air data units already serving conventional aircraft, Thales is expanding its horizons to the booming Urban Air Mobility Market. Their partnership with Eve Air Mobility is like two visionaries joining forces to create a greener and smoother future in the skies.

Yannick Assouad, the Executive-Vice President of Avionics at Thales, summed it up perfectly: “With Eve, we share an innovative spirit combined with aeronautics expertise that will enable us to shape the sustainable skies of the future. We are thrilled to consolidate our partnership and widen Thales’ portfolio of solutions contributing to environmentally-responsible Urban Air Mobility.”

So, get ready for Eve Air Mobility’s eVTOLs to take flight with Thales’ air data solution, because the future of urban air travel just got a whole lot smoother.

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