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Škoda Scala and Kamiq Get a Sustainable Makeover and Roll Out With a Bang!

In a recent move that’s revving up excitement, Škoda Auto has kick-started the production of its spruced-up Scala compact car and Kamiq city SUV. The manufacturing magic is happening right at the heart of Mladá Boleslav, where these cars are not just getting a facelift but also boasting eco-friendly tweaks.

Andreas Dick, a board member at Škoda Auto, couldn’t hide his enthusiasm. “The Scala, our trendsetter in design, along with the Kamiq, are hitting new highs in the compact car league, especially with their top-notch assistance systems. Hats off to the team for this brilliant work! We’re all geared up to see our customers’ reactions to these upgraded beauties.”

Since their grand debut in 2019, the Scala and Kamiq have been nothing short of a production sensation. The Scala alone has seen over a quarter-million units leaving the factory floor, with last year contributing 56,000 to the tally. The Kamiq, on the other hand, has clinched the title of Škoda’s best-selling SUV with a whopping production count of over 576,000 since its launch.

These models aren’t just about numbers; they’ve also bagged a slew of awards. The Scala, for instance, snagged a Red Dot Design Award right off the bat in 2019, while the Kamiq has been turning heads in various countries, raking in titles like ‘Car of the Year’ and ‘Best Import SUV’.

The latest versions of the Scala and Kamiq are a treat for the eyes and the environment. Sporting Matrix-LED headlights, revamped bumpers, and new rims, these cars are stepping out in style. The Scala shows off a sportier edge, and the Kamiq, a more rugged SUV vibe. True to Škoda’s eco-conscious ethos, they’ve woven sustainable materials into the interiors, giving a nod to Mother Nature.

Safety is still a top priority for Škoda, with the Scala and Kamiq featuring robust bodies and cutting-edge assist systems. New additions like Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitor and Lane Assist ensure that safety is never compromised.

Both models are going global, being available in over 60 markets. For those in the Czech Republic eager to get behind the wheel, February 2024 is when the party starts at Škoda dealerships. Get ready for a ride that’s not just about getting from A to B, but doing it with style, safety, and a green conscience!

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