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Ferrari Announces New Tyres for Iconic Enzo Ferrari Supercar

Maranello, 08 May 2024 – Ferrari has concluded development testing of the newly developed Pirelli P Zero Corsa System tyres for the 2002 Enzo Ferrari at the Fiorano track. This modern tyre, created in collaboration with Pirelli, retains the original size and aspect ratio while incorporating state-of-the-art materials, compounds, and technology to enhance grip, performance, and safety. The new tyres are available in the original sizes of 245/35 R19 for the front and 345/35 R19 for the rear, featuring directional and asymmetric tread patterns designed to combat aquaplaning.

In addition to the new Enzo tyres, Ferrari has also approved new versions of Pirelli’s aftermarket tyres for the F40 and F50. The P Zero and P Zero Corsa System tyres, already available in Pirelli’s Collezione range, have received official approval for use. The F40, which debuted in 1987 with Pirelli P Zero tyres, now benefits from an updated version that matches the original sizes and lettering. The F50, introduced in 1995, has similarly updated P Zero Corsa System tyres that preserve the original performance characteristics.

Ferrari is also in the process of developing a dedicated Pirelli tyre for the 1984 GTO. The new P7 Cinturato tyre, based on rally championship experience and launched in 1976, will be available in the original sizes and will combine a period look with modern materials and construction technology. Ferrari will celebrate the GTO with a Legacy Tour from October 1st to 4th, tracing a route from the Italian Dolomites to Maranello.

This comprehensive update of replacement tyres for these legendary supercars underscores Ferrari’s commitment to ensuring that owners of historically significant models can enjoy their vehicles safely on modern roads.

Ferrari GTO (1984)
Unveiled at the 1984 Geneva International Motor Show, the Ferrari GTO featured a V8 turbo engine and advanced composite bodywork. Initially aimed at Group B racing, 272 units were produced before the production run ended.

Ferrari F40 (1987)
The F40 was introduced in 1987 to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary. It featured a 2.9-liter engine producing 478 horsepower and was designed with uncompromising performance in mind. A total of 1,311 units were built, including competition versions.

Ferrari F50 (1995)
Launched in 1995 to mark Ferrari’s 50th anniversary, the F50 featured a naturally aspirated V12 engine derived from Formula 1. The car emphasized aerodynamics and performance, with 349 units produced.

Enzo Ferrari (2002)
Produced from 2002 to 2004, the Enzo Ferrari is renowned for its advanced technology and performance, drawing heavily from Formula 1 innovations. With only 399 units made, it remains a symbol of exclusivity and excellence.

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