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Revolutionizing the Robotics Realm: Piaggio Fast Forward Unveils ‘kilo’, a Trailblazing Smart-Following Robot

Boston, March 12, 2024 – In an exhilarating leap towards the future of robotics and automation, Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), a subsidiary of the globally recognized Piaggio Group, proudly presented ‘kilo’, a groundbreaking robot that promises to redefine material handling across various industries. This announcement was made at Modex, America’s leading supply chain trade show, currently captivating attendees in Atlanta, Georgia.

kilo, a hands-free robotic marvel with an impressive capability to carry payloads of up to 130 kg, integrates state-of-the-art 4D radar imaging and a suite of advanced sensors. Developed by the forward-thinking minds at PFF, these technologies enable kilo to follow operators with precision, navigate autonomously, and adhere to over 100 preprogrammed paths. This innovation builds on the successful deployment of the follow-me technology seen in PFF’s earlier robots, gita and gitamini, which have already made a significant impact in the USA.

“PFF is on a mission to augment workforces globally with our robotic technology. kilo, with its customizable features and advanced software tools, is set to enhance the human-robot synergy, boosting productivity and streamlining workflows across manufacturing and other sectors reliant on the frequent transportation of goods,” stated Greg Lynn, CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward.

Designed to complement human effort rather than replace it, kilo minimizes the risk of workplace injuries and introduces PFF’s proprietary ‘Travel on Known Paths’ autonomous behavior software, marking a new era of workplace automation tools. Moreover, kilo’s versatility shines through its high customizability, offering configurations with specific carts or shelving tailored to unique industry requirements. The PFF pro tools mobile app further simplifies the management of robot fleets, ensuring effortless updates and oversight.

In a strategic move to modernize its production lines, the Piaggio Group plans to deploy kilo at the Moto Guzzi manufacturing facility in Mandello del Lario, showcasing the robot’s capability to enhance operational efficiency and support human operators. This initiative will later extend to Piaggio’s production sites across Italy, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Joining the ranks of PFF’s innovative terrestrial drones, gita and gitamini, kilo stands poised to address the burgeoning demand for last-mile and home delivery solutions, contingent on local road regulations permitting autonomous robot mobility in pedestrian zones.

In conjunction with the release of kilo, PFF announced the integration of its advanced radar sensors into the new Moto Guzzi Stelvio adventure motorcycle, marking a pioneering step in motorcycle safety with enhanced features like Forward Collision Warning and Blind Spot Information System. This move underscores PFF’s commitment to leveraging its robotic technology advancements for broader applications, ensuring safety and efficiency across its product lines.

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