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M3 Sedan becomes most successful high-performance sports car for BMW

Munich, Germany – BMW M GmbH has celebrated a significant milestone in its history with a record-breaking performance in the financial year 2023. Surpassing its previous records, the company delivered over 200,000 vehicles globally, marking a first in its illustrious history.

Record-Breaking Sales and Growing Market Influence

The year witnessed the sale of 202,530 high-performance and performance cars, an impressive 14.3% growth compared to the prior year. This surge in sales underscores BMW M GmbH’s growing influence in the high-performance vehicle sector, attracting a broader audience to its M-branded sports cars.

Dominance in Key Markets

The USA retained its position as the top market for BMW M GmbH, with Germany and the UK following closely. Sylvia Neubauer, Vice President Customer, Brand, Sales at BMW M GmbH, expressed satisfaction with these results, attributing them to the company’s diverse and innovative product range.

Electromobility: A Forward-Thinking Strategy

BMW M GmbH’s move towards electrification has been a major factor in its recent success. The all-electric BMW i4 M50 continued its bestseller status in 2023. The launch of the BMW i5 M60 xDrive Sedan and BMW i7 M70 xDrive brought new additions to the brand’s electric performance fleet.

The BMW i5 M60 xDrive, with its integrated drive unit and up to 601 hp, sets a new standard in the premium business saloon class. Meanwhile, the BMW i7 M70 xDrive emerged as the most powerful electric BMW M automobile, combining luxury and high performance.

Franciscus van Meel, Chairman of BMW M GmbH, highlighted the balance of traditional combustion engine models with the new electrification strategy, ensuring a sustainable yet emotionally charged driving experience.

Diversifying the High-Performance Portfolio

2023 also saw the first full sales year of three high-performance models, including the second-generation BMW M2 and the new BMW M3 CS. These models have played a critical role in the brand’s success, offering a wide range of choices for enthusiasts.

The BMW M3 Sedan emerged as the world’s best-selling high-performance sports car, followed by the BMW M4 Coupé. Their combination of powerful engines, manual and automatic transmissions, and rear-wheel and all-wheel drive systems made them favorites among customers.

Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond

BMW M GmbH is set to diversify further in 2024, with updates to the BMW M3, M4, and M2 models and the launch of the new BMW M5. The introduction of the BMW i5 M60 xDrive Touring will expand the all-electric performance car range.

A special highlight is the BMW M4 CS, designed for the most ambitious drivers, promising an enhanced racing experience.

A Historic Racing Comeback

In 2024, BMW M GmbH will return to the FIA World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, commemorating the 25th anniversary of BMW’s overall victory at Le Mans. This comeback will feature the BMW M Hybrid V8 and the unveiling of the 20th BMW Art Car, designed by renowned artist Julie Mehretu.

This year’s achievements and future plans highlight BMW M GmbH’s commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainable mobility, positioning the brand for continued success in the evolving automotive landscape.

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