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Toyota India’s Young Crusaders Lead the Charge in Road Safety Revolution

Bangalore, February 8, 2024 – In a delightful twist to road safety education, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has unveiled the latest achievements of its Toyota Safety Education Programme (TSEP), transforming young minds into formidable champions of road safety. The initiative, aptly dubbed “Road Safety – My Right My Responsibility,” celebrated its annual showcase at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore, graced by the presence of luminaries such as M. N. Anucheth, IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Karnataka, alongside other dignitaries.

Embarking on a mission to mould the future custodians of road etiquette, TKM’s TSEP has rolled out an innovative ABC Approach focused on Awareness, Behavioural Change, and Campaigning to foster a culture of safety-first on the roads. This approach has not only enlightened school children but also empowered them to spread the gospel of road safety far and wide, adopting a “Child to Community” strategy that extends beyond textbook knowledge.

The programme witnessed participation from 31 schools, engaging in a spirited competition across various age groups, from poster-making by fifth graders to fact video contests for ninth graders. The event culminated in a grand celebration of the young participants’ achievements, with awards for ‘Best Teacher’, ‘Best School’, and ‘Certificate of Association’ marking the high points of the day.

India’s road safety statistics for 2022 paint a grim picture, with an alarming increase in accidents, fatalities, and injuries. TKM’s TSEP addresses this urgent issue head-on, aiming to cultivate a brigade of young road safety advocates who can inspire change within their communities and beyond.

High-ranking officials lauded TKM’s efforts, highlighting the programme’s significant contribution towards achieving the goal of zero road fatalities. The company’s comprehensive approach, from engaging school children to collaborating with Bangalore Traffic Police and various stakeholders, showcases a dedicated effort to weave road safety into the fabric of society.

With over 7,90,000 school children reached through its initiatives, TKM is paving the way for a safer tomorrow, where every child is not only a road user but a responsible one at that. The company’s vision of a future free from road fatalities is a testament to the power of education and community engagement in building a culture of safety and responsibility on the roads.

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