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Goodwood’s 2024 Festival of Speed Gallops from Horseless to Hybrid!

In an electrifying announcement, Goodwood has revealed that the 2024 Festival of Speed, proudly sponsored by Mastercard, will be themed ‘Horseless to Hybrid – Revolutions in Power’. This high-octane event, set to rev up from July 11 to 14, is not just a celebration of speed; it’s a journey through time, marking 130 thrilling years since the first motor race roared into history.

The 2024 Festival is set to be a turbocharged tribute to the evolution of motorsport. Remember the Paris-Rouen Trial of 1894? That historic race had everything from steam to electricity-powered vehicles, and the upcoming festival is revving up to showcase just how far we’ve zoomed since then. From the growl of internal combustion engines to the whisper of hybrid technology, this festival is more than just a pit stop in history – it’s a glimpse into the fast lane of the future.

Expect a showcase of the latest in automotive innovation. Last year, Formula 1 legend Sebastian Vettel made waves with his sustainable fuel-driven machines. This year, the festival promises to shift gears even higher. With a nod to the past and a speed towards the future, the theme ‘Horseless to Hybrid’ will be omnipresent, from the classic cars storming up the Goodwood hill to the groundbreaking tech in the Future Lab.

But there’s more. The festival will also celebrate motorsport legends like Niki Lauda, who would have turned 75 this year, and pay homage to teams like Shadow and Joest Racing on their milestone anniversaries. And for those worried they’ve missed the boat – fear not. While Saturday’s tickets have raced off the shelves, there’s still time to grab your spot for Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

The Duke of Richmond, in full gearhead spirit, summed it up: “We’re not just looking in the rearview mirror but are full throttle towards the future of motorsport and automotive innovation.” So, start your engines, folks – this is one festival you won’t want to miss. Tickets are still up for grabs at, but hurry – like the finest supercars, they’re going fast! 🏎️💨

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