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BMW Fuels Quantum Leap in Computing at RWTH Aachen University

Munich, Germany – In an unprecedented move blending high-octane academia with quantum mechanics, BMW Group has turbocharged RWTH Aachen University’s computer science department by endowing a new chair in “Quantum Information Systems.” The wheels were set in motion last Wednesday with the official inauguration of Prof Dr Dominique Unruh, the chosen speedster to steer this high-tech chair.

But BMW isn’t just driving on one road; the company has already revved up another professorship at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), with Prof. Dr Barbara Kraus at the helm of the “Quantum Algorithms and Applications” chair. Alexander Buresch, Senior Vice President BMW Group IT, revealed that BMW’s ambition is to shift gears into an open software ecosystem, perfectly meshing quantum software with hardware to fast-track automotive applications.

The RWTH chair focuses on crafting concrete software solutions and expertise, while the TUM chair delves into the algorithmic nuts and bolts for industry-relevant applications. BMW’s seven-year journey into quantum computing research has not only expanded its technological roadmap but also highlighted the limitations of traditional hardware in handling complex tasks like AI applications and simulations.

Stefan Floeck, Senior Vice President Product Line MINI and Compact Class BMW, expressed excitement about the potential breakthroughs in battery production, AI, and system engineering. He emphasized BMW’s commitment to being at the forefront of quantum computing, a field that promises to be a game-changer in addressing the computational challenges posed by the end of Moore’s Law.

BMW’s quantum computing team is already applying this futuristic tech to practical problems, collaborating with giants like Amazon Web Services to fine-tune robot arm movements in its Munich plant. This quantum leap could potentially cut down cycle times by a staggering 10%.

From simulating batteries and fuel cells to honing machine learning models, BMW’s quantum journey accelerates full throttle, showcasing that the future of computing isn’t just fast—it’s quantum fast! As part of the QUTAC consortium, BMW joins forces with leading German companies to drive quantum computing into the industrial fast lane, proving that when it comes to innovation, BMW is more than just a luxury automaker—it’s a quantum pioneer.

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