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Goal for Green! BYD Charges into UEFA Euro 2024 with Electric Partnership

In a historic move, BYD, a global leader in New Energy Vehicles (NEV), has teamed up with the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 (UEFA Euro 2024) as its Official Partner and Official E-Mobility Partner. This marks a first for UEFA, teaming up with a NEV manufacturer, electrifying the pitch with a commitment to sustainability.

The partnership is a game-changer, aligning UEFA’s vision of hosting the most eco-friendly European championship with BYD’s mission of driving e-Mobility forward through innovative electric vehicles and technologies. BYD’s latest electric cars will not only ferry UEFA officials but also be stars of the show at many venues, highlighting the marriage of football fervor and environmental stewardship.

BYD is not just parking its cars at the stadium; it’s also planning to roll out a series of customer experiences and events across Europe. These events, held in conjunction with BYD dealers and at their retail showrooms, promise to offer ‘Once in a Lifetime’ prizes, making the UEFA Euro 2024 celebration more electrifying.

Michael Shu, Managing Director of BYD Europe, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing BYD’s commitment to a greener future and the opportunity to showcase their advanced electric vehicles to a broad audience. UEFA Marketing Director Guy-Laurent Epstein echoed these sentiments, highlighting the synergy between BYD’s innovative spirit and UEFA’s dedication to environmental responsibility. He quipped, “BYD stands for Build Your Dreams, perfectly resonating with the championship where teams chase their dreams on the field to lift the prestigious Henri Delaunay Trophy.”

This electrifying alliance promises to drive the UEFA Euro 2024 towards an environmentally sustainable future, blending the thrill of football with the power of green technology. With BYD’s commitment to accessible and affordable e-Mobility, the championship is set to be not just a tournament of goals, but also a showcase of green innovation.

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