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Tata Motors Soars: Sales Surge to 77,521 Units in April 2024

Mumbai, May 1, 2024 – Tata Motors has reported a robust increase in vehicle sales across both domestic and international markets, with total sales hitting 77,521 units in April 2024, up from 69,599 units in the same month last year.

The significant jump in sales reflects a healthy 31% year-over-year growth in the Commercial Vehicles (CV) sector, with sales of 29,538 units. Meanwhile, the Passenger Vehicles (PV) sector saw a modest increase, recording sales of 47,983 units, a 2% rise compared to last year.

Particularly noteworthy is the performance in the Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles (MH&ICV) segment, including trucks and buses. Domestic sales in this category rose dramatically to 12,722 units in April 2024 from 8,985 units during April 2023.

The combined domestic and international sales figures for the MH&ICV segment also showed impressive growth, totaling 13,218 units compared to 9,515 units in the previous year.

This surge in sales underscores Tata Motors’ strengthening position in both the commercial and passenger vehicle markets, as the company continues to expand its reach and respond dynamically to the evolving demands of the global automotive industry.

  • Domestic Sales Performance:
CategoryApril 2024April 2023% change (Y-o-Y)
Total Domestic Sales76,39968,51412%
  • Commercial Vehicles:
CategoryApril 2024April 2023Growth (Y-o-Y)
HCV Trucks7,8756,98413%
ILMCV Trucks4,3162,148101%
Passenger Carriers4,5022,061118%
SCV cargo and pickup11,82310,31415%
CV Domestic28,51621,50733%
CV IB1,0229,854%
Total CV29,53822,49231%
  • Passenger Vehicles:
CategoryApril 2024April 2023Growth (Y-o-Y)
Total PV Domestic (includes EV)47,88347,0072%
PV IB1001000%
Total PV (includes EV)47,98347,1072%
EV (IB + Domestic)6,3646,516-2%
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