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Nissan brings 429 HP Ariya Nismo at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

Yokohama, Japan – In a significant event at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, Nissan has introduced the Ariya Nismo, setting the stage for its upcoming release in Japan this spring. This new model represents the pinnacle of Nissan’s electric vehicle (EV) technology, under the prestigious Nismo banner.

The Ariya Nismo, a crossover SUV, is lauded for its stylish and futuristic design. It stands out as Nismo’s premier electric vehicle offering. One of its most notable features is its exceptional acceleration, which is both powerful and silky smooth, a characteristic unique to electric vehicles. The spacious and upgraded interior cabin enhances the driving experience, providing a tranquil ambiance only found in EVs.

Drawing its foundation from the Ariya e-4orce, the Ariya Nismo introduces a dynamic, next-generation EV design by Nismo. It promises a new level of driving confidence and comfort, thanks to its exceptional acceleration capabilities, superior handling, and outstanding aerodynamic efficiency. These advancements are a result of Nismo’s specialized tuning techniques.

The motor of the Ariya Nismo, tuned for about 10% higher peak output compared to standard models, combined with unique acceleration tuning and an exclusive Nismo driving mode, ensures dynamic yet easily controllable performance. The sound it produces is reminiscent of Formula E racing, adding an extra thrill to the driving experience.

Nismo’s meticulous tuning extends to each component of the chassis. Paired with e-4orce electric-drive four-wheel control technology and custom tires fitted on robust 20-inch aluminum wheels, the vehicle achieves unparalleled stability, sharp turning capabilities, and enhanced cornering at high speeds.

The exterior of the Ariya Nismo is a harmonious blend of Ariya’s premium aesthetics and Nismo’s dynamic spirit. Aerodynamic performance is notably improved by incorporating race-derived technologies, which are crucial for reducing drag and increasing downforce at elevated speeds – key factors for electric vehicles.

Inside, the Ariya Nismo exudes luxury, featuring high-quality elements throughout. This includes specially designed Nismo seats and trim, adding to the overall premium feel of the vehicle.

Specifications (before homologation; Nissan figures)

Length4,650 mm4,650 mm
Width1,850 mm1,850 mm
Height1,655 mm1,650 mm to 1,660 mm
Wheelbase2,775 mm2,775 mm
Weight2,080 kg2,210 kg to 2,220 kg
Output270 kW/362 HP320 kW/429 HP
Torque560 Nm600 Nm
Battery capacity66 kWh91 kWh
Tire size
(front and rear)
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