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Ineos Grenadier Conquers the Cold: Claims Victory in the Alcan 5000 Rally’s Frozen Frontier

In a chilly turn of events, the Ineos Grenadier has powered through icy conditions to win the Truck/SUV category at the 2024 Alcan 5000 Rally, marking a frosty first for the recently unveiled 4X4 in the realms of endurance rallying. This 10-day vehicular marathon stretched over 5,000 miles from Kirkland, Washington, to the snowy reaches of Anchorage, Alaska, pitting 39 teams against each other in a battle of precision, durability, and cold endurance on the event’s 40th anniversary.

With temperatures plummeting to a bone-chilling –31 degrees Fahrenheit, the Grenadier, steered by the adept Andy Lilienthal and co-navigated by Mercedes Lilienthal from Portland, Oregon, showcased its rugged capabilities by triumphing over 16 competitors. The team praised the vehicle’s robust suspension for its ability to tackle the relentless frost heaves and potholes, a turbocharged engine that breezed past slower traffic with ease, and an interior that blended comfort with versatility, making the Grenadier an indispensable ally in the arduous journey.

The Alcan 5000 Rally is not your typical race for speed but a test of time-speed-distance (TSD) endurance, demanding as much from the vehicles’ on and off-road performance as from the competitors’ ability to adhere to prescribed speeds and routes. The rally course weaved through the US Northwest and Canadian terrain, culminating in Anchorage just before the start of the renowned Iditarod Race.

Celebrating this milestone victory, Lynn Calder, CEO of Ineos Automotive, lauded the team’s pioneering spirit and the Grenadier’s performance across the challenging 5,000-mile course. The win not only showcases the vehicle’s endurance but also its potential as a robust companion for adventurous spirits and demanding tasks alike.

The Ineos Grenadier, with its blend of British design and German engineering, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of tough, reliable off-roaders. Equipped with a BMW-sourced turbocharged engine, a sturdy ladder frame chassis, and a suite of practical features designed for the modern explorer, the Grenadier is ready to take on the world’s harshest environments, proving that it can indeed go anywhere and do anything, even winning a prestigious rally in the coldest conditions imaginable.

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