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LG Innotek to Display Cutting-Edge Mobility and AI Solutions at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS and SEOUL, South Korea, January 9, 2024 – LG Innotek is set to make a significant impact at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, showcasing its advanced capabilities in the fields of Mobility and AI. The exhibition, spanning from January 9th for four days, will highlight LG Innotek’s innovative strides in these rapidly evolving sectors.

The company’s presence at CES 2024 is marked by its comprehensive booth, #3701, which is strategically located at the West Hall entrance. This space is thoughtfully divided into three key zones: ‘Mobility,’ ‘AI,’ and ‘Future Pathway,’ each illustrating LG Innotek’s vision and technological advancements.

Mobility Zone: A Glimpse into the Future of Autonomous Travel
At the heart of the Mobility Zone is a large-scale mockup of a future autonomous vehicle. This exhibit, standing at 4.3 meters and adorned in a sleek matte black finish, is designed to showcase the inner workings of an autonomous vehicle by exposing its frame and the 18 types of key electronic components from LG Innotek. These components, which include cutting-edge camera modules for ADAS, LiDAR, and a first-of-its-kind 800V Wireless BMS, underscore LG Innotek’s prowess in optics, electronics, substrates, and wireless communication.

AI Zone: Showcasing the Power of High-Value Substrates and Manufacturing Innovation
In the AI zone, LG Innotek demonstrates its superiority in substrate products essential for AI applications. Interactive displays, including a participatory mockup, allow visitors to understand the role of semiconductor substrates in AI technology. Additionally, the zone highlights LG Innotek’s digital manufacturing process innovations, offering a virtual experience of their ‘Dream Factory,’ a testament to their commitment to digital twin technology and AI in product development and manufacturing.

Future Pathway Zone: Envisioning a World Beyond Mobile Technology
The Future Pathway Zone is dedicated to showcasing the potential applications of LG Innotek’s leading camera technology, extending from mobile devices to autonomous driving, robotics, and Urban Air Mobility (UAM). This zone emphasizes the company’s forward-thinking approach and adaptability to emerging technologies.

Private Booth for Tailored Customer Experiences
In addition to the main exhibition, LG Innotek has established a private booth for more intimate and efficient customer interactions. This space focuses on Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) solutions, highlighting LG Innotek’s comprehensive approach that integrates hardware development, production, and sophisticated software technology for real-time vehicle operation management.

A Commitment to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction
Moon Hyuk-soo, CEO of LG Innotek, expressed the company’s ambition, stating, “Through CES 2024, LG Innotek will demonstrate to our global customers our status as an innovative leader in mobility, backed by our expansive, high-value technology base.” This event marks a significant milestone for LG Innotek, as it continues to pave the way in the realms of Mobility and AI, offering cutting-edge solutions and solidifying its position as a global innovator.

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