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QuantumScape’s Solid-State Battery Surpasses Key Milestone in Electric Vehicle Innovation

QuantumScape, a leading U.S. battery technology company, has achieved a significant breakthrough in the development of solid-state batteries. In collaboration with PowerCo SE, Volkswagen Group’s battery subsidiary, the company’s latest solid-state cell has completed over 1,000 charging cycles while maintaining more than 95% of its capacity. This accomplishment indicates the potential for electric vehicles to travel more than 500,000 kilometers without significant range loss.

The tests, conducted in PowerCo’s laboratories in Salzgitter, have validated the solid-state cell’s robust performance. Frank Blome, CEO of PowerCo, hailed the results as a milestone towards the mass production of solid-state batteries, emphasizing their potential for longer ranges, faster charging times, and enhanced safety.

Solid-state batteries are viewed as a pivotal technology in advancing electric vehicle capabilities. QuantumScape’s recent achievement has notably surpassed the industry-standard target of 700 charging cycles with a maximum capacity loss of 20%. The cell also met other essential criteria, including fast-charging capability, safety standards, and low self-discharge rates.

Jagdeep Singh, Founder & CEO of QuantumScape, expressed confidence in the cell’s performance, highlighting its exceptional discharge energy retention over a significant cycle count. He emphasized the ongoing collaboration with Volkswagen Group and PowerCo to industrialize and bring this technology to the market.

The tested cell, comprising 24 layers, mirrors the design of the planned series cell. The next phase involves refining and scaling up the manufacturing processes. Volkswagen’s unified cell concept, developed by PowerCo, is adaptable for solid-state cell technology, positioning the company at the forefront of this innovation.

QuantumScape, with Volkswagen Group as one of its main investors since 2012, continues to push the boundaries of battery technology. This development represents a critical step in the evolution of electric vehicles, promising a future of longer-lasting, more efficient, and safer electric transportation.

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