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Volkswagen Group’s Elli Boosts E-Mobility with Expanded European Charging Network

Wolfsburg – Elli, a key player in the Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH, rings in the new year with a significant expansion of its electric vehicle charging network. Now offering access to over 600,000 charging points across 27 European countries, Elli underscores its commitment to enhancing e-mobility services. This expansion not only increases the number of available charging stations but also focuses on improving customer convenience during the charging process.

Giovanni Palazzo, CEO of Elli, shared his excitement about this development, emphasizing both the scale and quality of the network. “Kicking off the year with more than 600,000 charge points across Europe marks a major achievement for us,” said Palazzo. “Our goal is to elevate the charging experience, contributing to electric mobility’s growth and aiding in society’s decarbonization efforts.”

A highlight of Elli’s strategy is the launch of the Selected Partner Network. This initiative, spearheaded by Volkswagen Group, aims to enhance the quality of the charging experience. The network comprises a select group of premium charge point operators, meeting stringent quality standards. It offers optimal charging locations with high-performance infrastructure and additional conveniences like cafés and sanitary facilities. Members of Elli Drive Highway tariff can also enjoy exclusive, reduced energy prices. Key partners in this network include IONITY Europe, Aral Pulse, Audi charging hubs, and Ewiva.

Palazzo further commented on the broader implications of this expansion. “As electric mobility’s popularity surges, Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH is dedicated to leading the way in developing a robust, reliable charging infrastructure across Europe.”

This strategic move by Elli and the Volkswagen Group represents a significant leap in the accessibility and convenience of electric vehicle charging, paving the way for a greener future in European transportation.

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