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New Aftermarket Wheels Elevate BMW 7 Series to New Heights of Luxury & Performance

In a recent development that has car enthusiasts excited, the BMW 7 series has been given a significant upgrade with the introduction of the Mansory FD.15 fully forged wheels. These 22-inch wheels, finished in an elegant Black Diamond, represent the perfect blend of sophistication and high performance, catering to those who value both style and substance in their vehicles.

The front axle features a 9×22, ET30, 5×112 configuration, complete with a specially designed wheel cap that boasts a permanently positioned logo, adding a touch of exclusivity. The rear axle is not left behind, with a 10.5×22, ET42, 5×112 configuration. It also includes a wheel cap that showcases the enduring logo placement, ensuring that every angle of the wheel exudes luxury.

For those looking to achieve the ultimate stance, the FD.15 wheel spacer kit is an essential addition. This 4-part set, specifically designed for the BMW 7 series, includes 10mm wheel spacers for both front and rear axles. The spacers not only enhance the vehicle’s presence but also ensure a poised appearance, although they are an additional purchase.

To complement these wheels, experts recommend pairing them with Falken Azenis FK510 tires. The sizes suggested are 265/30 22 for the front and 295/25 22 for the rear. This combination guarantees not only a perfect fit but also provides an exceptional driving experience, marrying luxury with performance seamlessly.

The response from the car enthusiast community has been overwhelmingly positive. Carspotter_japie commented, “Mansory turned trash into something pretty cool this time ngl.” Similarly, Kholbek_55 expressed enthusiasm, saying, “Ok hear me out, I kinda dig this.” The sentiment was echoed by Yusuf_maxaa, who noted the upscale shift in BMW’s design language, comparing it to Rolls Royce, while acknowledging Mercedes’ consistent style.

This new offering from Mansory is a testament to the brand’s commitment to luxury and performance, proving that the BMW 7 series can be both a sophisticated and a high-performing vehicle. With the Mansory difference, luxury truly meets the road.

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