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Ferrari Races Ahead with Harman’s High-Tech Gaze: Eyes on the Prize in 2024 F1 Season and Beyond

STAMFORD, CT – It’s official! Harman Automotive, a subsidiary of Samsung and a heavyweight in automotive electronics, has announced its continued partnership with the legendary Scuderia Ferrari for the 2024 Formula One season. Not just content with burning rubber on the track, this dynamic duo is also steering towards revolutionizing the road with groundbreaking technology.

Christian Sobottka, President of Harman Automotive, couldn’t hide his excitement. “We’re not just shifting gears; we’re redesigning the cockpit!” he said. After a thrilling first year, Harman is back in the driver’s seat as an Official Partner of Ferrari, ready to dazzle fans with a new marketing campaign that’s as sleek and fast as their cars.

But the real game-changer lies in what they’re bringing to Ferrari’s next-gen roadsters. Say hello to Harman’s Ready Care system, the first of its kind to offer in-cabin monitoring that’s more sci-fi than science. With eye-gaze tracking technology, Ferrari’s future cars will know if you’re daydreaming about being on a beach instead of focusing on the road. “It’s like having a co-pilot who knows when you need a nudge to stay safe,” added Sobottka.

This tech isn’t just about keeping eyes on the road; it’s about redefining what it means to drive a Ferrari. With AI, machine learning, and a dash of neuroscience, Harman’s Ready Care promises to keep both your mind and eyes glued to the thrill of driving.

As the 2024 F1 season approaches, Ferrari and Harman are revving up for a partnership that blurs the line between racecar and road car. It’s clear that they’re not just racing for the finish line; they’re racing towards the future of automotive excellence. Buckle up, world – it’s going to be an exhilarating ride!

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