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NHAI Implements Comprehensive Monsoon Preparedness Plan for National Highways

NHAI Collaborates with State Authorities for Efficient Monsoon Management on National Highways

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has taken significant steps to ensure effective monsoon management on national highways across the country. Working in close coordination with state administrations and local officials, NHAI is conducting thorough inspections of highway stretches to identify potential issues and ensure preparedness.

Emergency Response Teams Deployed at Landslide-Prone Sites

Dedicated Emergency Response Teams, equipped with ample manpower and machinery, have been mobilized at each landslide-prone site. This strategic deployment aims to facilitate swift clearance of debris, ensuring continuous connectivity and safe traffic movement. Temporary barriers and warning signs have been installed at these sites to enhance safety.

Advanced Technology to Aid Highway Users

To assist highway users during the monsoon season, NHAI is leveraging technology through the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and the RajmaargYatra app. These tools will disseminate real-time information regarding any disruptions on the highways, providing timely updates and guidance to travelers.

Proactive Measures to Prevent Water Logging

NHAI, in collaboration with state irrigation departments, is conducting joint inspections to prevent water logging on national highways. These inspections focus on ensuring that newly constructed highways do not obstruct the flow of natural channels or streams. Special drives have been conducted on projects such as the Delhi-Katra Expressway to address these concerns.

In urban areas, adequate pumping arrangements are being implemented in sections prone to water logging. These measures aim to prevent flood-like situations and ensure smooth traffic flow during heavy rains.

Geotechnical Monitoring and Alternative Diversion Plans

NHAI is identifying vulnerable locations that are susceptible to floods, landslides, rockfalls, and sinking zones. Officials are inspecting structures with a history of flooding to detect damage to bridge abutments and piers. Warning signs are being installed at these vulnerable locations to alert road users.

In cases where highways may be blocked due to massive landslides, alternative diversion plans have been developed in collaboration with district administrations. Additionally, geotechnical instrumentation, including real-time monitoring at select slopes and tunnels, is being implemented as a pilot project to enhance preparedness.

Ensuring Seamless Travel During Monsoon

With the advancement of the monsoon season across India, NHAI’s proactive measures are set to ensure flood preparedness and effective emergency response. These comprehensive steps are designed to provide a seamless and safe travel experience for national highway users during the monsoon season.

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