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Indian Government Unveils Guidelines for Funding Green Hydrogen Testing Facilities

Emphasis on Quality and Safety Standards in the Green Hydrogen Sector

The Government of India has released comprehensive guidelines for the funding of testing facilities, infrastructure, and institutional support under the National Green Hydrogen Mission. Announced by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) on July 4, 2024, these guidelines aim to bolster the quality and testing ecosystem in the Green Hydrogen (GH2) sector, ensuring adherence to specified standards.

This new scheme targets the identification and bridging of gaps in the current testing infrastructure for components, technologies, and processes involved in the Green Hydrogen value chain. It will support both the creation of new testing facilities and the enhancement of existing ones to guarantee safe and secure operations. The initiative is backed by a budget of Rs. 200 crores, extending until the financial year 2025-26.

The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) has been appointed as the Scheme Implementation Agency (SIA). The scheme focuses on developing robust quality and performance testing facilities to ensure the sustainability, safety, and quality of GH2 production and trade.

These guidelines are accessible for public review and aim to support the broader goals of the National Green Hydrogen Mission. Launched on January 4, 2023, with an outlay of Rs. 19,744 crores up to FY 2029-30, the mission aspires to make India self-reliant in clean energy. It also seeks to significantly decarbonize the economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports, and position India as a leader in Green Hydrogen technology and markets.

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