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L’Ultime: Celebrating the End of the Incomparable Bugatti Chiron Era

Since 2016, the Bugatti Chiron has been an unparalleled icon in the realm of hyper sports cars. Limited to just 500 units, the final Chiron has now been meticulously hand-assembled by the artisans in Molsheim, presented as the vibrant masterpiece, “L’Ultime.” This grand farewell to the Chiron marks the end of an extraordinary era, wherein it became the first roadgoing car with 1,500 PS and the first production car to surpass 300 mph. As it debuted with spectacular elegance and power, its production ends on the cusp of a new Bugatti era.

This final Chiron masterpiece, a Super Sport, reinterprets the car that first captivated audiences in Geneva eight years ago. The original “Atlantic Blue” and “French Racing Blue” color scheme, intersected by a hand-polished aluminum C-line, was a groundbreaking design. For the 500th Chiron, Bugatti’s Sur Mesure team has reimagined this design, incorporating a mesmerizing interplay of fading colors and a tribute to the places where the Chiron has left its mark since 2016.

The two distinctive colors, “French Racing Blue” and “Atlantic Blue,” now blend seamlessly, creating a stunning visual effect. This unique Chiron features hand-written notes of places and events that have shaped its legendary journey. Inspired by the concept of “bullet speed,” the design hints at the Chiron’s unparalleled top speed, even when stationary.

The Super Sport’s aesthetic was crafted to celebrate Bugatti’s history, retracing the Chiron’s milestones from its debut in 2016 to the present. The journey is reflected in the car’s design, commemorating its appearances at Chantilly, testing phases at Paul Ricard, and the 300 mph run at Ehra-Lessien. Iconic locations such as Molsheim and Cape Canaveral are also honored.

The final Chiron’s exterior, adorned with the hand-written number “500,” symbolizes Bugatti’s legacy of more than 115 years. This bespoke design continues inside the cabin, where carbon fiber and luxurious “Deep Blue” leather create a seamless blend of high-tech finishes and iconic colors. The French flag on the mirror wings and the special horseshoe mesh grille are fitting tributes to the Chiron’s French heritage.

Christophe Piochon, President of Bugatti Automobiles, remarked, “The Bugatti brand is built on performance, craftsmanship, sophistication, and elegance. This final Super Sport embodies those values, capturing the Chiron’s eight-year journey with unforgettable moments and world-first achievements. This 500th Chiron model is a fitting farewell and paves the way for a new chapter, starting with the Bolide, W16 Mistral, and our new model unveiling in June.”

In every detail, the Chiron Super Sport reaffirms Bugatti’s status as the epitome of automotive excellence. As the Chiron era closes, Bugatti is poised to continue its legacy of unmatched performance, luxury, and craftsmanship in its forthcoming models.

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