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Revving Up Representation: Caterham ‘The Academy Racer’ Series Shifts Gears for Women in Motorsport

Dartford, UK – In an exhilarating move from the heart of British motorsport, Caterham has unveiled its latest venture, ‘The Academy Racer,’ a captivating six-part web series launched in partnership with Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka. This groundbreaking series offers a raw, behind-the-scenes look into the adrenaline-fueled world of the Caterham Academy, the UK’s premier amateur racing championship, through the eyes of Caterham veteran, Samantha Parker.

Samantha Parker, a familiar face at Caterham for two decades, takes center stage in this series, bringing her unique perspective both as a racer and as the newly appointed Academy Media partner for 2024. Her mission? To inspire a new generation of racers, especially women, to hit the track and chase their motorsport dreams.

“The Academy Racer” isn’t just another racing documentary. It’s a narrative of passion, preparation, and perseverance, capturing everything from Parker’s meticulous pre-season training to her electrifying debut on the grid. Through her journey, the series aims to tackle the industry’s gender disparity head-on, shining a spotlight on the supportive, inclusive culture of the Caterham Academy.

Simon Lambert, Caterham’s Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer, highlighted the significance of the initiative. With female participation in motorsport lingering around 10%, the series is seen as a step forward in breaking down barriers and showcasing the sport as accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of gender.

Backing Parker’s foray into racing is Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, whose vibrant ‘Dutch Barn’ blue adorns her race car. Chris Fraser, the founder of Ellers Farm Distillery, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing Caterham racing’s unique blend of competitiveness and camaraderie. The sponsorship not only kickstarts Parker’s racing career but also aims to amplify the message of diversity and inclusion within motorsport.

As the Caterham Academy continues to open doors for novice drivers, with over 1,300 individuals having taken the plunge since its inception in 1995, “The Academy Racer” promises to be more than just a web series. It’s a beacon of inspiration, inviting viewers to experience the thrill of racing and, perhaps, to envision themselves behind the wheel.

The first episode of “The Academy Racer” is now streaming, offering an unprecedented glimpse into the world of amateur racing and the people who make it extraordinary. Join Samantha Parker and the Caterham community as they race towards a more inclusive future, one lap at a time.

2024 Academy Calendar

6 AprilCurborough Sprint
18 MayCroft
15 JuneSilverstone GP
13 JulyCadwell Park
3 – 4 AugustKnockhill (Super header) Racing in both directions
31 AugustBrands Hatch Indy
19 – 20 OctoberDonington Park National (Caterham Racing Festival)
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