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Lexus Unleashes ‘Room for One More’: The LX Sports Luxury Grades Now Pack Seven Seats!

In an exciting turn of events, Lexus Australia has decided to redefine the meaning of ‘family car’ with its latest offering: a seven-seat configuration for its SUV flagship, the LX Sports Luxury grades. This marks a departure from the previously available five-seat setup, promising more room for adventures, laughter, and, of course, family members.

With the introduction of this spacious wonder, Lexus is not just selling cars; it’s selling an experience. The three-row LX 500d Sports Luxury, now gracing showroom floors, comes with a price tag of $176,661 (INR 95.82 lakh) plus on-road costs. If petrol is more your speed, the LX 600 Sports Luxury can be yours for $181,361 (INR 98.37 lakh) plus those extra charges.

But what’s a few extra seats without a few extra features? The new seven-seaters aren’t just about accommodating two more passengers. They’re also about luxury and convenience, boasting third-row curtain airbags, USB-C ports for the tech-savvy, and an automatic folding function for the third row of seats. However, it’s not all gain without some pain; to make room for more, the LX 600 petrol grades have bid farewell to the tonneau parcel shelf, while the LX 500d diesel versions have let go of their soft-close doors and auxiliary fuel tank.

Lexus Australia’s Chief Executive, John Pappas, couldn’t hide his excitement, stating, “The availability of the LX Sports Luxury grade now with seven seats shows our commitment to expanding the Lexus lineup to meet the diverse needs of our customers.” Indeed, the third row adds more than just seats; it adds flexibility and luxury for the discerning customer.

Luxury, of course, is a given with the LX Sports Luxury grades. Heated and ventilated seats, a centre console cool box, fingerprint start, and an entertainment system for the second row are just the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention the power under the hood: a 3.5-litre twin-turbo petrol V6 for the LX 600 and a 3.3-litre twin-turbo-diesel for the LX 500d, ensuring that the drive is as exhilarating as the car is spacious.

So, if you’re looking for genuine off-road capability, thrills, and enough room to bring the entire family along for the ride, Lexus seems to have crafted just the thing. And with the seven-seat GX large luxury SUV on the horizon, it appears the road ahead is as spacious as it is luxurious.


 LX 600LX 500d
Seven-seat + Enhancement Pack$166,061$162,561
Sports Luxury five-seat$177,561$174,061
Sports Luxury seven-seat$181,361$176,661
F Sport$183,561$180,061
Ultra Luxury$219,061
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