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Lotus Electrifies Europe: Over Half a Million Charging Stations Now Just a Tap Away!

London, UK – 16 January 2024: In a move electrifying the European EV landscape, Lotus has turbocharged its service for electric vehicle enthusiasts. The British automotive trailblazer announced groundbreaking partnerships with Bosch and Mobilize, zapping life into over 600,000 charging stations across 30 European countries, including the UK. This marks a significant leap in making electric vehicle ownership more accessible and less anxiety-inducing for Lotus’s growing customer base.

Lotus Eletre owners, already revelling in their hyper-SUVs, can now juice up at home with Mobilize Power Solutions or while cruising across Europe, thanks to Bosch. The excitement doesn’t stop there; Emeya, the electric hyper-GT soon to hit the roads, will also benefit from this electrifying alliance.

The Bosch network, stretching across major European nations like the UK, Germany, and France, offers a vast expanse of charging options, with Lotus promising an ongoing expansion. Convenience is key – drivers can effortlessly access the network with a tap of the Lotus Charging Card and manage everything from charging history to vehicle battery status via the Lotus Cars smartphone app.

Mike Johnstone, the Chief Commercial Officer at Lotus Group, highlighted the crucial role of these partnerships in breaking down the barriers to electric vehicle adoption. He emphasized the importance of making EV ownership easier and the collaborative efforts needed to speed up the transition to electrification.

Charging speeds are a breeze for Lotus’s electric fleet. With a 350kW DC fast-charger, Eletre and Emeya models can add 74 miles of range in just about five minutes. The fast-charger also powers up the batteries from 10-80% in record times – 20 minutes for the hyper-SUV and 18 minutes for the hyper-GT.

Lotus Hyper OS, the brand’s award-winning in-car infotainment system, now comes with intelligent EV routing to aid drivers in finding nearby public chargers, further alleviating range anxiety and optimizing travel times.

In a savvy move, Lotus is joining forces with Mobilize Power Solutions to make home the primary charging spot. They’re offering an all-inclusive package that covers everything from installation to personalised support, with a competitive starting price and the capability to integrate with domestic solar arrays.

Olivia Arago from Bosch and Nicolas Schottey from Mobilize Power Solutions expressed their delight in collaborating with Lotus, emphasizing their commitment to facilitating convenient charging solutions for EV owners across Europe.

Riding on the current of innovation, Lotus has also unveiled its own EV charging solutions, including an ultra-fast 450kW DC charger, a testament to its commitment to becoming an all-electric global luxury technology brand by 2028, as part of its Vision80 strategy.

With Eletre deliveries already underway and Emeya set to join European roads in the second half of 2024, Lotus’s electrifying partnerships are steering the future of EVs into an exciting, accessible era.

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