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Gadkari Rolls Out the ‘Road’ Carpet: Rs 343.74 Crore Paved for Mangalore-Mudigere-Tumkur Highway Makeover

In a move that’s set to smooth out more than just asphalt, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari announced a hefty Rs 343.74 Crore allocation for a major facelift of the Mangalore-Mudigere-Tumkur section of NH-73 in Karnataka. This hefty sum is earmarked to transform the scenic but snaking stretch into a sleek 2-lane road, complete with paved shoulders for that extra bit of driving comfort.

Gadkari, in a post brimming with enthusiasm, shared that this 10.8 km project is not just any road work; it’s a step towards weaving the region’s picturesque hilly and mountainous terrains, including the breathtaking Charmadi Ghat, into a more accessible and connected tapestry. Slated for execution under the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) mode, this initiative is more than just laying down tarmac — it’s about paving the way for improved connectivity and a smoother journey for all who traverse this path.

So, gear up, Karnataka! The road ahead looks not just promising but also pleasantly smooth, thanks to Gadkari’s latest ‘road recipe’ for regional connectivity and travel bliss.

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