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Tech Titans Bridge Continents: Škoda Auto and Volkswagen Technology India Launch New IT Powerhouse in Prague

Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, 28 March 2024 – In a groundbreaking move, Škoda Auto and Volkswagen Group Technology Solutions India (VWITS) have inaugurated a new IT hub in Prague, heralding a new era of digital excellence and international cooperation within the automotive sector. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize Škoda Auto’s digital landscape by enhancing its app portfolio, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and technology services, firmly positioning the company as a leader in IT innovation in the Czech Republic and beyond.

Located in the vibrant district of Vysočany, Prague, the newly established office stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit between Škoda Auto and VWITS. It is designed to be a melting pot of talent, fostering exchanges among experts from the Czech Republic, neighboring countries, and India, where VWITS operates one of its largest global IT centers.

Holger Peters, Škoda Auto Board Member for Finance, IT, and Legal Affairs, emphasizes the critical role of digitalization and software development in the auto industry’s transformation. “By combining forces with VWITS’s renowned experts, we aim to attract top talent to join our mission in enhancing our digital services. This collaboration is key to improving customer experiences and optimizing our internal processes,” Peters stated.

Hauke Stars, Volkswagen Group Board Member for IT, highlighted the significance of the partnership in building global synergies. “This collaboration is a strategic move to consolidate our IT expertise, reduce external dependencies, and achieve cost savings in IT operations,” Stars remarked.

The initiative is not just about technological advancement but also cultural and professional exchange, bridging the gap between the Czech Republic and India. The VWITS regional office in Prague will initially host 30 specialists working alongside their counterparts in India to support Škoda Auto’s diverse IT needs, including logistics, production, and car sales software solutions.

Škoda Auto’s commitment to IT innovation is further evidenced by its extensive corporate data center and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, AI, and cloud services in vehicle development, manufacturing, and onboard software management.

This partnership with VWITS not only signifies a leap towards in-house IT expertise enhancement but also marks Škoda Auto’s strategic move in its internationalization strategy, acknowledging India’s pivotal role in the Volkswagen Group’s global ambitions.

The new IT hub, located near Škoda Auto’s IT departments and the SAP competence center, alongside the innovative 42 Prague educational institute, sets the stage for future advancements in technology and sustainable solutions, demonstrated recently at the BeeGreen hackathon hosted by Škoda Auto.

VWITS, as a global technology hub for the Volkswagen Group, brings to the table over 2,600 professionals dedicated to innovation and technology leadership, ready to propel the partnership into new frontiers of automotive IT solutions.

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