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GLIDA and Statiq Unite to Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging Network in India

New Delhi, March 22, 2024 – In a landmark move, GLIDA (formerly known as Fortum Charge & Drive India) and Statiq have announced a strategic partnership that sets a new benchmark in India’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure landscape. This collaboration is aimed at boosting the nationwide adoption of electric vehicles by ensuring that EV charging is more convenient, accessible, and user-friendly.

The integration between GLIDA and Statiq will enable users to access all public chargers within the GLIDA network through the Statiq App, thereby offering an expanded visibility and access to a comprehensive charging network. This significant step is designed to facilitate seamless interoperability between Statiq and GLIDA charging stations, allowing EV users to enjoy wide network access without the hassle of using multiple apps for their charging needs. Despite the new partnership, GLIDA chargers will remain accessible via the GLIDA App and the Charge-Thru solution, ensuring a variety of options for users.

Awadhesh Kumar Jha, Executive Director of GLIDA, highlighted the partnership’s focus on enhancing the EV charging framework in India. “This collaboration not only signifies our dedication to improving the country’s EV charging infrastructure but also our belief in the strength of collaboration and innovation to deliver superior services to our customers. Together with Statiq, we are setting the stage for a sustainable future, making it easier and greener for our end users,” stated Jha.

The collaboration represents a crucial step towards creating a sustainable transportation ecosystem, with more than 850 GLIDA charging points becoming accessible through multiple platforms, including the Statiq app. This partnership is poised to alleviate a major concern for EV users, facilitating smoother adoption of electric vehicles and underlining the importance of collaborative efforts in promoting sustainable mobility solutions.

Raghav Arora, Co-founder & CTO of Statiq, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to expedite India’s shift towards electric mobility. “By integrating GLIDA’s charging stations into the Statiq app, we are enhancing the convenience and accessibility for EV users across the country. This alliance underscores our mutual commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity, aiming to deliver a seamless charging experience and contribute significantly to India’s sustainable transportation goals,” Arora said.

In alignment with Statiq’s strategy, the company continues to forge collaborations with charge point operators (CPOs) to offer EV users a reliable and diversified charging infrastructure. The partnership ensures that Statiq Credits can be utilized across all partner CPOs, providing users with a unified and comprehensive charging solution.

This collaboration between GLIDA and Statiq marks a transformative chapter in India’s journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable transportation future, promising a significant leap in the adoption and convenience of electric vehicle charging services across the country.

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