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Grab Exclusive Benefits Worth INR 1.40 Lakh on Kia Seltos Before Upcoming Price Hike

In a move set to delight prospective car buyers, Kia Motors India is offering exclusive benefits up to INR 1.40 lakh on the Kia Seltos. This exceptional offer comes ahead of an anticipated price hike, making it the perfect time for consumers to make their purchase.

Special Corporate Benefits

Select corporate customers can avail themselves of additional perks, which include consumer benefits, accessory packages, extended warranties, and comprehensive maintenance packages. These enhancements aim to provide a holistic and worry-free ownership experience for buyers, ensuring that their investment in a Kia Seltos is well-protected and supported throughout its lifecycle.

Unique Offers to Sweeten the Deal

  1. New Car, Old EMI Package: Buyers can enjoy the comfort of familiar EMIs with a new car exchange deal. This innovative financing option ensures that upgrading to a new Kia Seltos doesn’t disrupt monthly budgets.
  2. Convenient Car Evaluation: Kia offers the convenience of car evaluation at the customer’s preferred location, adding a layer of ease and comfort to the buying process.
  3. Complimentary Evaluation with Gifts: Every evaluation of an old car comes with an assured gift, making the process of upgrading not just beneficial but also rewarding.
  4. Best Price for Old Car: Kia guarantees the best possible price for old cars, ensuring that customers get maximum value when they trade in their existing vehicles.
  5. Assurance of Ethical Practices: Kia pledges that all old cars will go into the right hands, ensuring a transparent and ethical resale process.

Attractive Financial Options

The offer includes zero down payment and a highly competitive interest rate of 8.85%, making the financial aspect of owning a Kia Seltos even more appealing. These financial incentives are designed to reduce the upfront burden and make the ownership experience more accessible to a broader range of customers.

Limited-Time Offer

These exclusive benefits are available at the sole discretion of the dealership and apply only to select 2023 models. Prospective buyers are encouraged to act swiftly to take advantage of this limited-time offer before the impending price increase.

With a blend of financial benefits, convenience, and additional perks, now is the opportune moment to invest in a Kia Seltos. Visit your nearest Kia dealership today to explore these offers and drive home your new Kia Seltos, equipped with all the benefits designed to enhance your ownership experience.

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