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Hyundai Turns Back Time: Takes ZEPETO on a Retro Ride with Vintage Pony Extravaganza

SEOUL, March 5, 2024 – In a nostalgic nod to its pioneering days, Hyundai Motor Company is whisking the digital generation back to the bustling streets of ’70s and ’80s Seoul, courtesy of its latest venture on ZEPETO, the global sensation in 3D avatar-based social networking. Dubbed “Timeless Seoul,” this digital time machine doesn’t just recreate the city’s golden days; it’s a full-blown celebration of the Pony, Korea’s maiden voyage into automotive independence, and a testament to Hyundai’s storied past.

As Hyundai’s brand heritage campaign gallops from local to global, the virtual world of ZEPETO and real-life events across ASEAN countries are set to immerse users and attendees in the iconic era of the Pony. This year’s campaign builds on the momentum of the previous Hyundai Reunion, which featured the “Pony, the timeless” exhibition and a “pony” song collaboration that hit all the right nostalgic notes.

“Timeless Seoul” serves up a slice of retro K-culture with a side of nostalgia, inviting ZEPETO users to wander through a meticulously crafted Seoul peppered with vintage vinyl record stores, quaint mom-and-pop shops, and Pony-themed photo ops destined for social media fame.

In a strategic move to capture the hearts of Gen Z, Hyundai is not just revisiting history; it’s making it cool again. The campaign aims to forge a deep, engaging connection between the younger audience and the Pony’s rich legacy, all while showcasing the seamless evolution of Hyundai’s design philosophy right up to the modern IONIQ 5, which carries the Pony’s design DNA into the future.

To tap into ZEPETO’s massive following in ASEAN countries, Hyundai is also rolling out offline events at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 and Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park in Indonesia. These events promise to bring the virtual “Timeless Seoul” to life, offering visitors a chance to step into real-world ZEPETO photo zones and share their experiences on social media for a chance to snag exclusive prizes.

For those eager to dive into this blend of past and present, Hyundai has made “Timeless Seoul” details readily available across its global social media channels and official website. This initiative is part of Hyundai’s broader strategy to amplify its presence in the ASEAN region through engaging, brand-centric content at major motor shows and beyond.

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