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Tata Motors Launches Stylish Dark Editions for Nexon, Harrier, and Safari SUVs

Mumbai Becomes Ground Zero for Tata’s Midnight Marvels – Nexon, Harrier, and Safari Go Goth

Mumbai, March 4, 2024 – In a move that has the automotive world buzzing and night creatures cheering, Tata Motors, India’s auto giant, today unleashed a shadowy ensemble of its bestselling SUVs, cloaked in the enigmatic allure of its Dark edition. The Nexon, both in its ICE and electric avatars, along with the luxe Harrier and Safari models, have all received a nocturnal makeover, starting at a price point of ₹11.45 Lakh for the bewitched Nexon.

Vivek Srivatsa, the Chief Commercial Officer of Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd., could barely contain his excitement, stating, “The #DARK edition isn’t just a color scheme; it’s a lifestyle choice for the modern-day batman and batwomen out there. With exteriors that could make the night sky jealous and features that scream luxury, we’re inviting the nightcrawlers to join the dark side, in style.”

Since its first foray into the darkness with the Harrier in 2019 and its subsequent spread across the lineup in 2021, Tata’s Dark range has become synonymous with sophistication, stirring the souls of those who dare to differ. This exclusive range has now been expanded to include more of India’s beloved SUVs, each sporting the iconic Dark mascot and a design theme that whispers luxury and screams mystery.

The New #DARK Cadre:

Nexon.ev: Crowned India’s number 1 EV and now dressed to kill, the Nexon.ev in its Dark guise features groundbreaking tech and a design so bold, it makes the night look over-lit. Boasting an impressive ARAI-certified 465km range and a sound system by JBL that could serenade the stars, this EV is a testament to Tata’s commitment to electrifying the night.

Nexon: The Nexon Dark, with its brooding exterior and plush, all-black interior, offers a ride so smooth, it’s like gliding through the shadows. Equipped with tech that talks back in six languages and a wireless charger to keep your devices juiced, it’s the perfect companion for those nocturnal escapades.

Harrier and Safari: The OMEGARC twins have donned their Dark cloaks, bringing an array of premium features into the night. From their welcoming animation that greets you like an old friend from the shadows to the luxurious touchpoints within, these SUVs are for those who command the night with a touch of elegance and an air of mystery.

Tata Motors has indeed turned to the dark side, but who knew the night could look so inviting? With the launch of these Dark edition SUVs, Tata beckons you to embrace your inner night owl and experience luxury that doesn’t just stand out but stands apart, under the cover of darkness.


ProductPrice starts at
New Nexon #DARK₹ 11.45 Lakh (Ex Showroom, Delhi)
New Nexon.ev #DARK₹ 19.49 Lakh (Ex Showroom, All India)
New Harrier #DARK₹ 19.99 Lakh (Ex Showroom, Delhi)
New Safari #DARK₹ 20.69 Lakh (Ex Showroom, Delhi)
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