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Road Revolution in Karnataka: Gadkari Rolls Out ₹7,290 Crore Highway Bonanza

In a move that’s set to pave the way for progress in Karnataka, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has hit the ground running – quite literally! He inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for a whopping 18 National Highway Projects, investing a grand total of ₹7,290 crore, in a ceremony that could only be described as groundbreaking.

Held in Belagavi, Karnataka, the event was a star-studded affair, featuring the presence of Karnataka’s PWD Minister Satish Jarkiholi Ji, alongside a host of Members of Parliament, MLCs, MLAs, and Senior Officials. This wasn’t just a meeting of minds but a confluence of ambition and asphalt!

These 18 projects are more than just stretches of tarmac; they are lifelines set to inject vitality into the region’s veins. By knitting together the fabric of North Karnataka, these roads promise to drive economic growth, turbocharge the agricultural and tourism sectors, and create a plethora of job opportunities. This initiative isn’t just laying roads; it’s laying the groundwork for a future where North Karnataka is not just connected but catapulted into the fast lane of development.

In essence, Nitin Gadkari didn’t just inaugurate projects; he flagged off a new era of connectivity and prosperity, ensuring that the road ahead for Karnataka is smooth, wide, and full of promise. Watch out, world – Karnataka is on the road to transformation, and it’s got the green light!

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