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Double the Tail, Double the Tale: AGTZ Twin Tail Zooms into the Future with a Nod to the Past

In a groundbreaking collaboration, La Squadra and Zagato have turbocharged the art of coachbuilding into a dynamic new dimension. The AGTZ Twin Tail, a marvel of design and engineering, was recently unveiled in Zagato’s historic Milan workshop, heralding a fusion of heritage and high-tech, tradition and trailblazing.

Andrea Zagato, at the helm of the legacy left by his grandfather Ugo – the founder of Carrozzeria Zagato in 1919 – reflects on the project’s roots: “As the automobile enters a new era, there’s a growing yearning to reconnect with the past, to recount the legendary tales of the automotive golden age. These stories are vital, stirring new generations to forge their own paths. After all, without a glance back, how can we race into the future?”

The A220, while not a runaway success in sports, boasted a design fit for the silver screen. Its most memorable moment came when designers, in a bold move, chopped its tail by 30cm. This daring alteration propelled Chassis #1731 into the limelight, earning it accolades in shorter races and rally stages, and securing its place in motoring lore.

Embodying the A220’s relentless spirit, the AGTZ Twin Tail emerges as a modern GT masterpiece. A fusion of La Squadra’s and Zagato’s diverse expertise, it dresses the A110 berlinette in an exhilarating new guise. Limited to just 19 units, this car, starting at €650,000 before taxes, offers the unique choice between the elegant longtail and the brawny shorttail, showcasing the dynamic design collaboration.

The AGTZ Twin Tail is more than a car; it’s a 21st-century homage to its racecar ancestor. It seamlessly integrates two distinct designs – the graceful longtail and the robust shorttail. This transformative approach now allows owners to alternate styles without any destructive alterations, making each mode an exquisite, standalone piece of automotive art.

Andrea Zagato elaborates: “Our goal was to craft an authentic Gran Turismo, true to Zagato’s ethos of creating versatile cars, equally at home on the road or gracing a Concours d’Elegance. The AGTZ Twin Tail embodies this, blending design inspiration from the A220 with contemporary flair.”

Jakub Pietrzak, Founder of La Squadra, adds: “As the automotive world rapidly evolves, design becomes ever more crucial. Our homage to the A110 and our vision for the AGTZ Twin Tail represent the cutting edge of design, setting us apart in this electrifying era.”

Classic A220 models, showcasing both the long and shorttail designs, will grace The I.C.E. St. Moritz on 23-24 February 2024. The AGTZ Twin Tail is set to make its grand public debut on the picturesque shores of Lake Como in May 2024, with customer deliveries revving up from October 2024.

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