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Vintage Camper Enthusiast Alert: 1985 Toyota HiAce, A Rare Gem on Wheels, Hits the Market in Kerala!

In a remarkable find for automobile aficionados and camper van enthusiasts, a 1985 Toyota HiAce, a model scarcely seen on Indian roads, has been put up for sale in Mukundapuram, Kerala. The asking price for this vintage marvel? A cool INR 7.60 lakh.

But what makes this Toyota HiAce so special? For starters, it’s equipped with a robust diesel engine, paired with a 4-speed automatic gearbox, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride. The van, also known globally as the Toyota Commuter, boasts features that are a dream for any road trip lover or someone looking to convert it into a camper van.

Among its notable attributes are rotating seats, perfect for those impromptu roadside picnics or star-gazing sessions. Adding to its allure, not one, but two sunroofs offer an unobstructed view of the sky, making it ideal for those who love to connect with nature. The rear wiper ensures clear visibility, a boon during the unpredictable Indian monsoons.

This particular HiAce model holds the distinction of being a rare model in India, making it a prized possession for collectors or travel enthusiasts. With its fitness certification valid until 2026 and all mechanical works recently done, this vehicle promises to be a reliable companion on the roads.

Its registration details, TN38 B 3666, only add to its unique identity. The Toyota HiAce has a storied history, being a light commercial vehicle produced by the famed Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. Since its launch in 1982, the HiAce has seen various iterations, with the pickup truck variant arriving in August 1985.

The model number of this van reveals its wheelbase specifications: while the 50 series vans have short wheelbases, the 60 series, like this one, have long wheelbases, and the 70 series are known for their super-long wheelbases.

This listing is not just a sale; it’s an opportunity to own a piece of automotive history, to create unforgettable road trip memories, or to embark on a unique project converting this classic vehicle into a bespoke camper van. For those with a passion for vintage vehicles and adventure, this 1985 Toyota HiAce in Kerala is a calling.

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