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Hyundai US Scores Big with Instagram Takeover Extravaganza During Football’s Biggest Weekend

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Feb. 14, 2024 – In a bold move that left traditional advertising tactics in the dust, Hyundai swapped car sales for social media shenanigans by handing over its Instagram keys to a motley crew of 22 brands, ranging from Weber Grills to the Houston Texans. The occasion? Football’s most anticipated weekend, where the all-new 2024 Santa Fe SUV was the real MVP.

Under the bright lights of the Big Game, Hyundai, in partnership with an eclectic lineup including Mint Mobile, the Los Angeles Rams, and even Adobe, orchestrated an Instagram takeover that was nothing short of a marketing end zone dance. The campaign blitzed through the weekend with over 100 pieces of cheeky, brand-relevant content that not only showcased the Santa Fe’s standout features but also proved that when it comes to making a splash in a sea of Super Bowl ads, creativity trumps conventional.

“Looking to outmaneuver the usual Big Game ad blitz, we opted for an Instagram invasion that placed the Santa Fe right where our audience was scrolling,” explained Angela Zepeda, Hyundai Motor America’s Chief Marketing Officer. The result? A staggering reach of over 19 million viewers, transforming Hyundai’s social media battlefield into a victory parade of engagement and brand collaboration.

The playbook included Weber Grills drawing inspiration from the Santa Fe for their latest grill design, the Houston Texans sharing season highlights courtesy of mascot Toro, and Adobe whipping up a dazzling ad in record time. Not to be outdone, Red Lobster launched a “SANTA FE Chedda Bae Edition,” while Planet Fitness showcased how to spot a Viking in the wild.

The weekend’s stats were impressive: 22 participating brands, 30 million Reel plays, and a surge in post engagements that would make any social media manager’s heart swell. This digital huddle was a testament to the power of partnership and innovation, proving that even off the field, teamwork makes the dream work.

Jason Sperling, Chief Creative Officer for Innocean, summed it up: “This Instagram takeover was a masterclass in collaboration and creativity, proving that you don’t need a spot in the broadcast to score big with audiences.”

The Santa Fe’s marketing blitz doesn’t end here, though. With a series of ads set to continue rolling out across various media, featuring all the bells and whistles of the SUV, Hyundai is set to keep the momentum going. From all-wheel drive to panoramic displays, the Santa Fe is ready to conquer more than just weekends.

In a world where Super Bowl ads vie for viewer attention, Hyundai’s Instagram takeover was a breath of fresh, funny air, reminding us all that sometimes, the best way to win the game is to change the rules.

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