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Rare 2006 Tata Indigo Marina Sparks Interest with Sparkling Gold Finish

A survivor from 2006, a Tata Indigo Marina LS facelift, has surfaced for sale, gleaming in Sparkling Gold and causing a stir among car enthusiasts and collectors alike. This rare find, priced at INR 3 lakh, boasts a modest mileage of just 32,000 km and comes equipped with a manual transmission, promising a hands-on driving experience reminiscent of a bygone era.

Located at Panch Shil Chowk, Nagpur, this golden oldie is the first and only owner’s pride, powered by a 1405cc diesel engine that churns out 62 bhp and 126 horsepower. Not just a pretty facade, the car is kitted out with alloy wheels, new tubeless tires (backed by a 4-year warranty), and a LED screen mounted on the roof, adding a touch of modern convenience to its vintage charm.

However, it’s not just the car’s specs that are drawing attention. A comment by user shubhamharley, suggesting a price adjustment by removing one zero from the “absurd figure,” adds a humorous twist to the sale narrative.

The Tata Indigo Marina holds a special place in India’s automotive history, tracing back to the days when estates or station wagons were a rarity on Indian roads. Despite the success of its predecessor, the Tata Estate, and following in the footsteps of other attempts like the Opel Corsa Swing and the Maruti Suzuki Baleno Altura, the Indigo Marina aimed to carve its niche with its spacious, refined, and quality features.

Based on the Indica platform, the Marina is the third vehicle to emerge, boasting an impressive boot capacity of 670 litres, expandable to 1,370 litres, making it a practical choice for those in need of space. Its design, characterized by voluminous lines, a high, tapering roof, and a ‘pillar-less’ tail, showcases the Marina’s unique aesthetic appeal. Moreover, its suspension system, improved from the Indigo, along with enhanced brakes, underscores its adaptability and performance credentials.

As this sparkling gem awaits its next owner, it serves as a reminder of the days when Tata ventured into uncharted territory with the Marina, offering a blend of space, style, and solidity that still appeals to a niche market today. Whether it finds a buyer at its current asking price or undergoes a price “correction” as humorously suggested, this rare piece of automotive history is sure to turn heads and spark conversations among car aficionados.

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