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Mitsubishi’s Marvelous Motor Makeover: Xpander Series Electrifies Thailand with Hybrid Debut

In a groundbreaking move that’s electrifying the auto industry, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation turbocharged the streets of Thailand with the launch of their hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) models for the Xpander and Xpander Cross. Dubbed as the eco-friendly exhilaration on wheels, these crossover MPVs rolled out in style, marking a global debut that’s as silent as it is impactful, right from Mitsubishi’s eco-conscious assembly lines at the Laem Chabang Plant.

The Xpander series, blending the spacious comfort of an MPV with the audacious spirit of an SUV, has been turning heads since its 2017 inception. Now, with the electrified variants, Mitsubishi is plugging into the future, boasting over 130,000 units sold globally in the last fiscal year, making these models not just cars, but a phenomenon.

Under the hood, these hybrids are a symphony of sustainable power, combining the brand’s signature electrification with all-wheel control tech to deliver a driving experience that’s as green as it is thrilling. With a newly minted HEV system inherited from their PHEV cousins, the vehicles promise an eco-friendly ride that doesn’t skimp on power or pleasure. The addition of Active Yaw Control and a buffet of drive modes ensures that whether it’s a serene early morning drive in residential areas or an adventurous trek on muddy roads, the Xpander series is equipped to handle it with aplomb.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The HEV models feature a 1.6 L DOHC 16-valve MIVEC engine, the first Mitsubishi Motors engine to employ an electric water pump, reducing mechanical loss and boosting fuel efficiency. The result? A significant cut in fuel consumption, making every drive a victory lap for the environment.

The interior of these models is no less impressive, with an 8-inch color LCD meter displaying everything from energy flow to EV driving efficiency, ensuring drivers are well-informed and in control. The vehicle’s spacious interior remains uncompromised, thanks to smart battery placement, preserving the Xpander’s legacy of roominess and comfort.

Externally, the Xpander and Xpander Cross HEV models sport “HEV” and “HYBRID EV” badges, with blue accents that whisper rather than shout their eco-credentials. The introduction of White Diamond as a body color option, alongside other classic shades, adds a touch of elegance to the clean, electrified essence of these vehicles.

As Mitsubishi Motors accelerates into the electrified future, the Xpander series HEV models stand as a testament to the blend of innovation, eco-consciousness, and driving joy. Thailand, get ready to be electrified!

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