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Gadkari Unveils Grand Plan for Arunachal’s Great Migration Reversal: Paves Way with Over Rs 1000 Crore Highway Bonanza

In a move that spells out ‘Highways to Happiness,’ Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways, has rolled out a whopping Rs 1014.59 crore for the construction of the Kharsang-Miao-Vijaynagar – Gandhigram stretch of NH-913, affectionately dubbed the Frontier Highway, in Arunachal Pradesh. This announcement came bursting through Gadkari’s social media, where he painted the vision of a 61.55 km transformative road. Developed on an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) model, this project promises to bridge distances and hearts, enhancing connectivity to the border areas and fostering socio-economic development.

Gadkari’s grand design for the Frontier Highway is not just a path of asphalt, but a strategic maneuver to curb migration by encouraging people to move back towards the scenic and strategic border regions of Arunachal Pradesh. The project, according to Gadkari, is set to be a cornerstone in connecting significant river basins, thereby catalyzing the development of numerous hydropower projects and promoting tourism in the pristine, sparsely populated Upper Arunachal region.

Adding to the frontier fervor, Gadkari has also sanctioned Rs 626.92 crore for the construction of the Sarli-Huri section, a 35 km project under package-1 of NH-913, in the Kurung Kumey district. This part of the highway, also executed on an EPC mode, is heralded as a beacon of seamless and secure traffic flow, establishing year-round connectivity for the region’s villages and stimulating socio-economic development in the hilly terrains.

The highway hype doesn’t stop there. A grand total of Rs. 2,248.94 crore has been approved for the Lada-Sarli section of NH-913, spanning 105.59 km across various packages. This vital stretch, dedicated to providing a swift communication network for security forces, is poised to stimulate economic activities and foster reverse migration towards the vibrant border areas. With this greenfield road, Gadkari aims to unlock the tourism potential of Upper Arunachal, catering to its sparsely populated areas and preparing for increased traffic in the future.

In essence, Gadkari’s highway bonanza is not just about laying down roads; it’s about paving the way for prosperity, reversing the migration tide, and connecting hearts to the frontier dreams of Arunachal Pradesh.

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