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Nissan One launched in India – The Ultimate Digital Gateway for Effortless Car Ownership Experience

Gurugram, 12 February 2024: Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. is shifting gears in the digital age with a bang, launching the revolutionary ‘Nissan One’ web platform, a one-stop digital pit stop that promises to turbocharge the customer experience into the fast lane. Celebrating a victory lap with the 100,000th Magnite rolling off the production line, Nissan is not just selling cars; they’re selling joyrides in customer satisfaction.

Mohan Wilson, the maestro behind Nissan’s marketing, product, and customer joyrides, couldn’t contain his excitement. “With 100,000 Magnite adventures out there, we’re now cruising with ‘Nissan One,’ a digital joyride platform that’s all about putting our customers in the driver’s seat of their Nissan journey. From a tap for a test drive to a click for a car service, it’s like having a Nissan genie in your pocket. And with our ‘Refer & Earn’ fun run, we’re turning our customers into Nissan ambassadors, one referral at a time.”

‘Nissan One’ is revving up to be more than just a platform; it’s a revolution on wheels, designed to make every customer feel like they’ve got a pit crew in their pocket. Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple sites and say hello to a seamless ride from browsing to buying and beyond. Whether it’s customizing your ride or booking that all-important service, ‘Nissan One’ is your digital co-driver in the journey of car ownership.

And as if that wasn’t enough to get your engines roaring, Nissan’s dispatch of the 100,000th Magnite is a testament to the brand’s pedal-to-the-metal commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and making a mark on India’s automotive map.

With ‘Nissan One,’ Nissan is not just accelerating its digital transformation; it’s ensuring that every customer’s journey is a joyride. So buckle up, Nissan fans, because ‘Nissan One’ is here to take you on a journey where the road is digital, and every stop is a destination of delight.

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