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Genesis Turns Car Beeps into Beats: A Symphony of Luxury on Wheels

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., March 1, 2024 – In a bold move to redefine luxury car advertising, Genesis today unveiled its “Signature Event” marketing campaign, an innovative extension of last year’s “Luxe is in the Details” initiative. This fresh campaign is a celebration of the brand’s exquisite design details, from sedans to SUVs, brought to life through groundbreaking production techniques and an original soundtrack—crafted entirely from the sounds of Genesis vehicles.

As luxury cars roll into the spotlight with ballet-like grace, the “Signature Event” campaign showcases Genesis’ commitment to reimagining the narrative of high-end auto advertising. By focusing on simplicity and the unique features of its vehicles, Genesis delivers a campaign that is as much about precision and artistry as it is about the cars themselves. A meticulously composed soundtrack of welcome chimes, key fob beeps, and electric vehicle sounds accompanies dynamic visuals, offering viewers an immersive exploration of Genesis’ timeless designs.

Wendy Orthman, Executive Director of Marketing at Genesis Motor America, emphasized the campaign’s attention to detail. “Every aspect of the ‘Signature Event’ campaign is designed to offer our customers a captivating and refined viewing experience,” Orthman stated. “Through innovative lighting, music, and production techniques, we invite consumers to discover the enduring elegance of our vehicles in a visually enhanced context.”

Filmed on a cutting-edge Volume Stage, the ads achieve unparalleled dynamic lighting and texture effects, spotlighting the meticulous exterior and interior details of Genesis cars against artistically crafted backdrops. The result is a unique viewing experience that not only showcases the vehicles but also evokes the luxury of being inside one, underscored by a soundtrack that transforms vehicle sounds into a rich auditory experience.

Developed in partnership with Innocean USA, Genesis’ agency of record, the “Signature Event” campaign is a testament to breaking free from the traditional sales event formula. “This campaign stands apart through its dynamic and expressive design and animation, evoking a sense of luxury that sets a new standard for the industry,” said Marcella Coad, Group Creative Director at Innocean USA. With its innovative approach, Genesis continues to elevate its brand, turning the sounds of its vehicles into the music of the future.

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