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CES 2024: Honda launches new 0 Series concepts with new H mark logo

Tokyo, Japan – January 10, 2024: Honda has made a groundbreaking announcement at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, revealing its ambitious plan to launch the “Honda 0 Series,” a new lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) starting from 2026, initially in North America. Alongside the announcement, Honda showcased two concept models – the Saloon and Space-Hub – marking a significant step in the company’s global EV strategy.

The unveiling also included the debut of a new “H mark,” symbolizing Honda’s dedication to next-generation EVs. This move is aligned with Honda’s vision encapsulated in its Global Brand Slogan: “The Power of Dreams – How we move you,” which focuses on creating mobility solutions that transcend limitations and enhance capabilities, thereby propelling society forward.

Honda’s commitment to sustainability is clear, with a target of achieving carbon neutrality in all products and corporate activities by 2050. This includes a bold aim to convert 100% of its vehicle sales to EVs and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) globally by 2040.

The “Honda 0 Series” embodies a transformative journey for Honda, resonating with its brand slogan and electrification policy. The series name signifies a fresh start, returning to Honda’s roots to forge innovative EVs from scratch. These new vehicles promise to redefine the “joy and freedom of mobility,” advancing Honda’s cherished “M/M concept” and the pleasure of driving.

Scheduled for global release starting from North America in 2026, the Honda 0 Series will eventually expand to Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

The Essence of “0” in the Honda 0 Series

  1. Historical Roots: Embracing Honda’s founding principles, the series aims to revisit and revitalize the core values of Honda’s journey – the joy of driving and the freedom of mobility.
  2. Innovative Value Creation: Under the guiding principle of “The Power of Dreams – How we move you,” Honda intends to stir hearts by innovating from ground zero, offering experiences that mark new beginnings for customers.
  3. Societal Contribution: The series reflects Honda’s resolve to achieve “zero environmental impact” and “zero traffic collision fatalities,” upholding its social responsibility.

The “Thin, Light, and Wise” Development Philosophy and Five Core Values

The Honda 0 Series embraces a novel approach to EV development, focusing on being “Thin, Light, and Wise.” This philosophy entails:

  • Thin: Leveraging a dedicated EV platform for innovative design and superior aerodynamics.
  • Light: Utilizing Honda’s unique technologies to defy traditional perceptions of EVs, ensuring sporty driving and energy efficiency.
  • Wise: Advancing intelligent technologies for software-defined mobility products.

The series will deliver five core values:

  1. Artistic Design: Designs that resonate with users and their environment.
  2. Advanced AD/ADAS: Ensuring safety and peace of mind through cutting-edge automated driving technology.
  3. Connected Space: Integrating IoT and connected technologies for a personalized, interactive vehicle experience.
  4. Joy of Driving: Offering a new era of driving pleasure, combining sportiness and unity with the vehicle.
  5. Electric Efficiency: Achieving exceptional energy efficiency with advanced electrification technologies.

The Saloon and Space-Hub: Flagbearers of the Honda 0 Series

  • The Saloon: A flagship model epitomizing the “Thin, Light, and Wise” ethos, focusing on exhilarating design, intuitive human-machine interfaces, and unparalleled driving joy.
  • The Space-Hub: Designed under the theme of enhancing daily life, offering a versatile, spacious cabin that connects people and society.

The New H Mark: A Symbol of Transformation and Commitment

The newly designed H mark, resembling two outstretched hands, reflects Honda’s pledge to expand mobility possibilities and meet the evolving needs of Honda EV users. This emblem will adorn future Honda EVs, including the 0 Series models, showcasing the brand’s continuous pursuit of innovation and progress.

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