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Chill out with your EV: Ford’s Frosty Tips for Electric Vehicle drivers bracing for Winter wonders

As the electric vehicle (EV) market heats up in the U.S., 2023 saw a surge in EV sales, leading many new owners into their inaugural winter with their electric rides. With Jack Frost nipping at your car’s battery, Ford rolls out some cool tips to keep your EV toasty and efficient during the big freeze.

1. Garage: Your EV’s Winter Palace
Storing your EV in a garage is like giving it a warm blanket. It shields your vehicle from the harsh elements and keeps the battery in a cozy state, ensuring better performance and range.

2. Plug-In and Chill
Long winter’s nap for your EV? Keep it plugged in. This simple step is like a battery lullaby, maintaining battery health and preventing energy drain.

3. Preheat to Defeat the Cold
Precondition your EV before driving. It’s like a morning coffee for your car’s battery, warming it up for optimal performance. Ford’s SYNC touchscreen and FordPass app make this a breeze.

4. Heat Smart, Not Hard
Got heated seats and a steering wheel? Use them! They’re your best allies to stay warm without taxing the HVAC system.

5. Charging? Turn Down the Heat
When juicing up your EV, remember to dial down the heater. It’s a small move for comfort, big save for battery life, especially during fast charging sessions.

6. Navigate to Warm-Up
Use Ford’s Onboard Navigation to find a Fast Charging station. The car preconditions the battery for a speedier charge, perfect for chilly weather.

7. Easy on the Speed
High speeds are energy hogs. Keep it moderate to maximize range, advises Ford.

8. Tires: Your Winter Warriors
Check your tire pressure for optimal grip and range. Over or underinflated tires are not just bad for range but also a safety risk.

9. Plan and Prep for the Polar Plunge
Map out your journey with charging stops in mind. And always be ready for winter’s curveballs.

Ford’s EVs aren’t just fair-weather friends. They’ve been put through their paces in Alaska and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and have braved temperatures ranging from a scorching 140°F to a bone-chilling minus 40°F in Ford’s testing facilities. So, this winter, stay cool and carry on with your EV, the Ford way!

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