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VW’s Presidential Ride Gets a Breezy Makeover: Virtus Cabrio Turns Heads in Blue

In a stylish nod to presidential visits, Volkswagen Brazil transforms its roomiest sedan, the Virtus, into a special open-air spectacle, the Virtus Cabrio, for an exclusive appearance at the Anchieta factory in São Bernardo do Campo. Dressed to impress in Biscay Blue and boasting a 250 TSI engine, this showstopper is engineered with body reinforcements, an extended floor, and tweaked electronics, making it a marvel of automotive craftsmanship.

The Virtus Cabrio joins the prestigious lineup at the VW Garage, where it will be showcased alongside other special, sporty, and prototype vehicles. As the fifth convertible designed by VW for such distinguished events, it follows in the tire tracks of iconic models like the Beetle, Polo Sedan, and Fox.

Crafted by a dedicated team of over thirty product development professionals in just six weeks, this project was a race against time to deliver a vehicle that blends luxury, space, and safety. The removal of the roof required ingenious structural enhancements to ensure rigidity, while an elongated floorplan offers ample legroom, even in the absence of the B and C pillars.

Antonio Carnielli Jr., VW’s Technical Development Director, reflects on the project with pride, highlighting the team’s enthusiasm as they watched their masterpiece take shape. With new exterior finishes, a unique rear seat design, and modified electronic systems, the Virtus Cabrio is not just a car but a testament to innovation and dedication.

As the latest convertible concept for presidential factory tours, the Virtus Cabrio cements its place in automotive history, ready to dazzle alongside other treasures in the VW Garage.

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