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Toyota India Marks Environment Month with Major Afforestation Drive and Community Green Initiatives

Bangalore, 5th July 2024 – In a bid to reinforce its commitment to environmental sustainability, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has significantly advanced its ‘Green Wave Project’ in celebration of Environment Month. This initiative, part of TKM’s broader effort to establish a society in harmony with nature under the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, includes extensive sapling distribution to employees and community-driven afforestation activities.

To date, TKM has distributed over 7,000 saplings to employees, nearing its goal of 8,000 saplings for this phase of the project. Employees are encouraged to plant these saplings in their local neighborhoods and provide periodic growth reports. This hands-on involvement aims to foster a collective effort towards environmental conservation and community greening.

Since 2009, TKM has embraced the Miyawaki Method of Afforestation, becoming the first corporation in India to implement this unique approach. This method, which involves creating dense, native forests, has shown remarkable success. A study conducted with Bangalore University experts highlighted the Miyawaki method’s efficiency in carbon sequestration, capturing 30.86 tons of carbon per acre.

Under the guidance of the late Dr. Akira Miyawaki, TKM’s initial plantation in 2009 has grown into a substantial green cover within its factory premises. Today, TKM’s Bidadi manufacturing facility boasts over 328,000 trees representing 790 native species. This thriving ecosystem has seen a notable increase in biodiversity, with plant species rising from 181 to 790 and faunal species from 76 to 284, including 88 bird varieties and 38 butterfly species.

Additionally, TKM has developed the ‘Ecozone’ – a 25-acre environmental learning center featuring 17 theme parks and home to 65,000 trees of 650 native species. The Ecozone educates children, teachers, community members, and other stakeholders about environmental stewardship, fostering future eco-leaders. The zone includes various forest types and concepts like pollination meadows and herbal gardens, illustrating the diverse applications of the Miyawaki Method. Over 42,000 students and stakeholders have participated in Ecozone activities to date.

B. Padmanabha, Executive Vice President & Director of Manufacturing at TKM, emphasized the importance of sustainability alongside economic progress. “Our sustainability efforts extend beyond zero emissions in our products and operations to include water conservation, recycling, and harmony with nature,” he said. “Our Green Wave Program, which includes afforestation and sapling distribution, exemplifies our commitment to collective action and community involvement in safeguarding the environment for future generations.”

Last year, TKM employees planted over 5,000 saplings, promoting widespread afforestation both within and outside company premises. The company continues to share best practices, such as the Miyawaki method, with its suppliers and dealers, encouraging the adoption of sustainable initiatives across its value chain. Efforts include the ‘No Plastic’ campaign, water usage reduction, and minimizing carbon footprints in operations.

TKM remains dedicated to its vision of “Mass Happiness for All,” inspiring individuals and stakeholders to actively engage in environmental conservation and contribute to a sustainable future.

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