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Vintage Wheels Get Hip: JMS Transforms the Classic VW Golf 4 into a Modern Marvel

JMS Fahrzeugteile, typically known for sprucing up contemporary cars, has turned back the clock to jazz up a true classic. The company, steered by the seasoned Jochen Schweiker, has taken a nostalgic dive into the past, choosing the iconic VW Golf 4 (1997-2003 era) as their latest project canvas.

The transformation of this beloved hatchback is nothing short of dramatic. The makeover includes a complete body kit that morphs the Golf into a dynamic powerhouse with a bold new character. The front end boasts a revamped apron and a lightweight bonnet, complete with attention-grabbing air outlets and an ‘evil eye’ integration, adding a hint of mischief to the mix. Side skirts bridge the gap between the axles, extending the sporty flair to the rear, while also giving the illusion of added depth.

But it’s not just about looks; the rear end gets a beefed-up apron, subtly nodding to the R32 model, and features larger air outlets. These neatly accommodate the twin 90-millimeter tailpipes of the Racelook-exhaust system by Friedrich Motorsport, all in gleaming stainless steel. Rest assured, every component of this revamp comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

Rolling in style, the Golf 4 sports new Barracuda Karizzma rims, sized at a generous 8.5×19 and 9.5×19 inches and finished in a matte black PureSports coating. This creates a striking contrast with the Golf’s blue paint. The wheels are paired with 225/35R19 and 245/30R19 tires, all approved individually. For those preferring a more subtle look, there’s also an option for uniform 8.5×19 inch rims all around.

The cherry on top? A KW Variant 1 coilover suspension, lowering the car by 45 millimeters in the front and 40 at the rear, giving this retro ride a sleek, modern stance.

And for the enthusiasts wanting to push the boundaries even further, JMS stands ready with additional upgrades – performance boosts, strut bars, roll cages, and more. It’s clear that when it comes to reviving classics, JMS Fahrzeugteile is not just playing around – they’re rewriting the rules.

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