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Mercedes-Benz Unveils MBUX Bark Assist: A Voice Assistant for Dogs in an April Fool’s Prank

Stuttgart, April 1, 2024 – In a surprising announcement that has both pet lovers and tech enthusiasts wagging their tails, Mercedes-Benz has introduced the MBUX Bark Assist, a groundbreaking voice assistant designed specifically for dogs. This innovative feature is part of Mercedes-Benz’s continued efforts to enhance the driving experience, not just for humans but now, humorously, for their four-legged companions as well.

The MBUX Bark Assist is engineered to interface with the Mercedes Intelligent Cloud, boasting the capability to interpret canine barks and understand their various needs. With this cutting-edge technology, dogs can now, ostensibly, control selected functions of their owner’s vehicle, such as the music selection, air conditioning, and even the Energizing Comfort programs, all before even starting their journey.

Mercedes-Benz, a pioneer in the automotive industry with its user-friendly MBUX Voice Assistant, has taken a leap into uncharted territory by extending its sophisticated voice recognition technology to pets. The system, which has been able to provide answers to questions about sports, weather, and control smart home devices, now, in jest, aims to cater to the canine community.

However, in a tail-wagging twist, Mercedes-Benz revealed that the announcement of the MBUX Bark Assist was indeed an April Fool’s prank, showcasing the brand’s playful spirit and creative approach to engaging with its audience. The campaign, set to run globally on Mercedes-Benz’s social media channels, features a variety of formats designed to entertain and amuse viewers.

The brainchild behind this humorous concept is team x, with Dimitri Tsvetkov leading the direction and LeBerg GmbH handling production and postproduction. Notably, the campaign stars Aeden, Eddie, and Frieda, talented canine actors from Renate’s Film-Tier-Ranch, with music provided by

This April Fool’s prank by Mercedes-Benz not only highlights the company’s innovative spirit but also its commitment to bringing a smile to its customers’ faces, proving that even luxury car manufacturers can have a good sense of humor.

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