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Kia’s Electric Giant on a Double Date with Destiny: EV9 Zaps into Top Finalist Spots for World Car Awards

In an electrifying turn of events, the 2024 Kia EV9 has charged into the spotlight as a dual finalist in the prestigious 2024 World Car Awards. This eco-friendly powerhouse is vying for not one, but two coveted titles: World Car of the Year and World Electric Vehicle. With over 100 automotive journalists fueling its journey to the top, Kia’s flagship all-electric SUV is revving up excitement across the globe.

The World Car Awards, a global symbol of automotive excellence since 2003, have plugged into the future with their recognition of the Kia EV9. This dynamic vehicle, a first-of-its-kind three-row electric SUV from Kia, marries bold design with cutting-edge EV technology, delivering an electrifying ride that’s spacious and versatile.

Kia, no stranger to the winner’s circle, eyes a potential double-win that would add to its collection of accolades, including previous triumphs with the Kia Telluride in 2020 and the Kia EV6 GT in 2023.

The anticipation will reach its peak at the New York International Auto Show on March 27, 2024, where the World Car Awards will crown their champions. Will the Kia EV9 drive away with double honors? Stay tuned for this high-voltage finale!

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