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BYD’s Yangwang U9 Electrifies the Streets with Speed and Smarts, Costs a Pretty Penny at INR 1.97 Crore in China

Shanghai, China – In a bold move that merges luxury with lightning speed, BYD’s upscale offshoot Yangwang has unleashed its first all-electric speedster, the U9, with a price tag of 1.68 million RMB (INR 1.97 crore). This summer, streets will be electrified as deliveries of this high-octane dream machine begin.

Dubbed a pure electric marvel, the Yangwang U9 isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a powerhouse. Hitting a top speed of 309.19 km/h and blasting from 0 to 100 km/h in a breathtaking 2.36 seconds, this supercar redefines speed.

At the heart of the U9’s prowess are two groundbreaking technologies: the e4 platform and the DiSus-X Intelligent Body Control System. These innovations are transforming the electric supercar world, melding racetrack vigor with street-wise adaptability and a dash of fun.

The e4 Platform is the muscle behind the U9, boasting four independent electric motors. This system promises unmatched safety, performance, and a thrilling driving experience, churning out an astonishing 1,300 horsepower and a mammoth torque of 1680N·m.

Meanwhile, the DiSus-X System is a game-changer in vehicle dynamics. It enables the U9 to adjust suspension on the fly, adding up to 75mm of travel and enabling the car to leap up with over a ton of force. This feature ensures agility and comfort in various driving conditions, including a unique ability to “dance” to music.

Performance-wise, the U9 is a record-setter. In recent tests, it proved its mettle with incredible acceleration and heat management capabilities. It’s also equipped with cutting-edge aerodynamics and cooling systems, courtesy of the Blade Battery and Dual Plug-in Ultra-fast charging technology.

The U9’s Super Carbon-fiber Cabin is a fortress of strength and safety, boasting immense torsional stiffness and an impressive roof load capacity.

In the cockpit, the U9 is all about smart luxury. It sports the DiLink150 intelligent platform with custom 5G chips, designed specifically for track driving. The interior is kitted out with two 14-way adjustable seats and the high-end Dynaudio Evidence Series audio system, ensuring a driving experience that’s as comfortable as it is exhilarating.

In a nutshell, BYD’s Yangwang is not just launching a car; it’s redefining the essence of a supercar for the electric age, merging breakthrough technologies with unparalleled performance and safety. The U9 is more than a vehicle; it’s a statement – a futuristic symphony of speed, intelligence, and style.

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